Well, here it is !


The only reason I haven’t done this before  now is that I wanted the cover and the physical reality of the book to be a surprise for my parents, who finally got their hands on an advance copy on Wednesday ( ‘look, Roger ! It’s arrived!’ shouted my mum as a book-shaped parcel was carried by the postman down the driveway and they weren’t quite sure how to proceed ::: should there be some kind of special ceremony or ritual for removing it from the envelope and bubblewrap? In the end they just released the book from its package and were, I think, thrilled.)





They love it ( how it looks, anyway : I don’t know what they will make of the florid nonsense inside), and spent the exhilarated day clutching and caressing it and carrying it around the house with them everywhere they went



( as did I ::::  :: the design team have done a great job I think, and I had no idea it would all turn out so sumptuous.  Initially, there were many things to be worked out – inital concepts were too fey and girly; the title was different, so was the essential composition of the book, but from the back and forths  over the spring and summer we eventially settled together on a contemporary Art Deco feel, which reflects the luxuriance of all the perfume reviews quite well,  my love of vintage, and it is all just something I can’t help but feel rather delighted about.)





The book is HEAVY: a proper tome. Like a book of spells, or a volume from an old library,  and though not as lengthy as my blog ramblings nor quite as personal, hopefully the new concision and the new taxonomy of the world of perfume I have come up in this guide with will appeal both to perfume people and also the curious neophyte. My goal is to induce passion for the subject – obviously there are just too many perfumes in the world to be definitive : the book is called ‘In Search Of….’ for good reason; I wanted it to be immersive and indulgent and also a little strange…





Anyway, the book comes out in the UK on March 21st, published by Hardie Grant, and on April 2nd in the US, distributed by Chronicle, as well as being available to order worldwide on Amazon. I also have an event being organized by The Perfume Society at Rouillier White in south London on March 28th, where I will be doing a reading and a book signing (!); I am really looking forward to gathering family and friends and mingling with perfume maniacs while sniffing the marvelous selections of Michael Donovan ( this really is one of the best perfumeries, so I am delighted the party is being held there).



Unfortunately, though, space and tickets will be quite limited, so I can’t make this a big thing I can invite everyone to, much as I would like to. I was wondering, though, if any UK people, particularly London people, reading this,  can think of any venues where I might have a more casual sip and sniff type of affair -or even just straightforward event with books and bubbles –  Hardie Grant will ship books there if it becomes an event. I would love a Black Narcissus hook up !




I don’t know. I am just so excited ( if daunted : you never know whether anyone is going to like what you have created), but this time last year, when I was still wallowing in self pity with all the aftermath of my operation and arduous rehabilitation, I had no idea whatsoever what was just round the corner – nor the year of extraordinary pressure that was ahead of me, with a full teaching schedule and book deadlines constantly looming)




– but I DID IT







And I want to C E L E B R A T E



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  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Cher M Ginza

    And so you should!!
    I heard my I phone ring with mail and this message full of JOY reached me.
    Beautiful cover and lovely linings: I allways look on the inside of clothes!
    The content is still a MYSTERE, sure to delight senses and sentiments.
    CELEBRATE and BOP till you drop!

  2. ladyclovis

    Neil, it is beautiful, and most importantly, the writing is excellent. You deserve every success with this and I salute you. Brilliant. x x

  3. Nancyg

    The book is beautiful. I love the Art Deco cover! Revel in the joy and know I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. bibimaizoon

    YAY!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. rprichpot

    Brilliant! Congratulations.🎉🍾❤️

  6. MrsDalloway

    Prima! It looks great, and exciting the Narcissus is flying in. My ticket is booked!

  7. Huge congrats!! It looks beautiful, stunning Art Deco style- my fave. I can’t wait to read it- the last perfume type book I read was 2018 Perfumes the guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez and unfortunately it’s a mostly souless read… which is why I’m so looking forward to reading your passion filled novel.

    • I am still looking forward to reading the Turin and Sanchez – I purposefully didn’t while writing this, in case it made me lose my confidence and rag – but it MUST have plenty of moments of brilliance, surely? He is the reason I started doing this in the first place. I worship the first French guide. Also, mine is definitely NOT a novel! I am utterly incapable of writing one.

  8. Congratulations Neil. I think I will have to get my hands on this! The Art Deco theme looks perfect.

  9. Huge congratulations Neil! It sounds fabulous and very YOU. Loved reading about the reaction of your proud parents.
    The style of the book makes me very happy having just moved into an Art Deco apartment. Keeping my fingers crossed for a London hook up!

  10. Bee

    Congratulations! It does look wonderful. Can’t wait to get my own copy and the ones I will buy for others – it’s the perfect gift for perfumistas everywhere!

  11. Matty

    A really beautiful looking book. The Art Deco cover is stunning.
    Go celebrate Neil.

  12. Preordered!! ☺️ I love your writing.

  13. Fl0r3nce

    It goes without saying. You did it, and I am (we are all) super proud and deeply excited. Ci vediamo presto x

  14. Tora

    It looks wonderful! I love the art deco touches. The silver and gold bottle on the cover looks embossed. I can barely wait till April to get my copy!! I would so love to see you on your book tour, Neil, and congratulate you in person!! I can imagine how over the moon your parents are! You and Duncan must be absolutely giddy with pleasure. I am crazy happy for you. It really looks stunning.

    • Thanks Tora. Yes, the silver and gold IS embossed, and that was what I wasn’t expecting, as it takes the design to a different level.

      And I AM excited, even if public speaking is not my forte ..

  15. Tara C

    I love the design! Congratulations on this momentous occasion, lots of champagne and expensive perfume should be deployed to celebrate. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  16. I preordered this right away. The styling and graphics look really nice. Looking forward to a great read

  17. Congratulations, it is just so BEAUTIFUL! The modern Art Deco look is just perfect. Wow, wow, wow! I’ve already pre-ordered mine from Amazon.com in the US and can’t wait to get it. I love the image of your parents toting your book around the house all day, caressing it.

    • Probably because they have always just thought I was a dreamer ( which I am, and also in many ways incredibly lazy ), so to take what must have seen to them as some kind of ‘indulgent’ impossibility – me with my sheets of A4 paper scribbling about perfume samples like some nerd, and then to be able to send them THIS, must seem like some kind of miracle I think.

  18. celebrate your heart out…you so deserve it…but do tell what about
    your American audience?…where will the book be at i.e. Lucky Scent
    or Twisted Lily or Amazon? I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy…
    even yet unseen, I know it is fabulous!!!!
    Love you from Sylvia on the Potomac

  19. Eric Love

    I pre-orderd this last week, and let the perfume groups I am part of on FB know that it is Imminent! Congratulations!

  20. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    I already love the book just by looking at the photo and reading what you have shared with us. I cannot wait to purchase it and have that beautiful tome in my hands. Congratulations Neil…well deserved! Celebrate to your heart’s desire!

    • Thankyou dear Filomena. Actually, what you wrote here is very heartening. As I have said before, this is not the full scale Narcissus tsunami you are used to buy a more concise version – new material with greatest hits – but it works in a different way. The blog is like a never ending diary in a way, as you have said before, indulgent, experiential, immersive – this is more like a pleasing objet to flick through at leisure: it’s also intended for the ‘man on the street’, so some of it will be old news for perfume people, but I did enjoy the whole chapter aspect, and writing about everything note by note. I do hope you like it !

  21. Congratulations! 🍾 So looking forward to reading and owning this book!

  22. Congratulations 🍾 ! So looking forward to reading and owning this book!

  23. Dubaiscents

    Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read it and definitely try to have a launch event in the US (I selfishly hope for NYC since I am close to there!). Love the Art Deco design!

  24. Iuno Feronia

    Congratulations from Vienna!! It looks very precious, I like Art Deco and I have already preordered, hoping to find my signature scent, Finally ;-))

  25. Beau de l'Air

    I can’t believe you never been to NewYork, one of the most soulful cities in the world. The book looks great! I was going to buy a copy but now I’m buying three, two for gifting. It’s a “bel objet”!

  26. David

    That cover is beautiful! I am very much in search of a signature scent, so I am excited to read your book. I hope it comes to Brazil. There are some big bookstores that carry English-language books here in São Paulo, so I will be looking for it. But I will be in the USA at the end of April for a visit, so I will look for it there. Congratulations!

    • David I doubt there are many perfumes in here you won’t know already so I doubt the book will work in that regard, but hopefully it is something to just enjoy having on the bookshelf and to leaf through.

  27. rosestrang

    Brilliant. This looks utterly covetable! Huge congratulations to you on achieving this after all the challenges. I’ll definitely buy a copy when it comes out in March.

    The launch event sounds really exciting, and the informal drinks and sniffs idea 🙂 If I sell an extra painting or two this next month I’ll join your celebrations!

    Really pleased for you, you deserve a good celebration and I hope the books sell like hotcakes!

  28. Pinkdiamonds28

    Congrats! Well done! I want this!

  29. OnWingsofSaffron

    I seem to be the last bloody person to read this, and my congratulations come very late! Sorry.
    Your book looks absolutely fantastic. Can‘t wait to read it.

  30. katherinec

    Congratulations! I haven’t visited in ages and ages but your blog is still one of my favourite things (especially when I get the urge to reacquaint myself with perfume – or just for soulful and colourful writing!). Looking forward to getting this and gifting.

  31. katherinec

    Booked! 🙂

  32. Holly Cranmer

    To follow on from katherinec comment – lucky her to be so close to Roullier White, AND to have a ticket to be at the Perfume Soc event where you will be centre stage holding forth on fragrant words and musings. However I live in West London – ever been to Ealing ? It’s a long way from Dulwich. It is also my birthday bash so I cannot make the pilgrimage to the shrine at Roullier White – but are you going to be at anywhere else ? Liberty? Fortnum & Mason ? All the way from Japan for only one event – Noooo !

  33. Congratulations! Félicitations ! I’m so proud and happy for you, Neil, and can’t wait to read it when it comes out in the US. Is a US promotional tour also in the works? 🙂 Congrats again !

    • Thanks so much. I am small fish, so a ‘promotional tour’ is probably out of the question but I would love to do something ..

      How are you these days? Still love bacon?

      • I’m okay! Still love bacon, but work has been keeping me so busy there is not much time left for blogging, sadly. I’m more on Instagram these days. Less pressure!

        So glad to hear you are doing well though! The book is such splendid news and I’m so happy for you!

        If you do find your way on these shores, let me know! Would love to take you out for a fancy cocktail to celebrate!

  34. Robin

    Just dropped in to catch up in the last day or two and was lucky enough to catch this today. It looks amazing. Delighted for you. All the very best in its inevitable success, Neil.

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