I am not one for the barbers ( I have actually had a phobia of getting my hair cut my entire life), but after a pub lunch in Pimlico, on the spur of the moment, I decided to pop in to a place on the corner of the road – all tattoos, bikers, ZZ Top and Guns N Roses – to have a quick hair cut and beard trim.



The stylist was from my neck of the woods – Birmingham – and was as beautiful as a woodland satyr: piercing blue wolf eyes, lanky, floppy indie boy hair, and as the d and I sat down to beers ( since when do you get beer at the barber’s? I have been in the wrong country for too long ) we discussed horror movies, Japan, and what to do about my conservative visuals ( only Burning Bush is wild and wears anything ……… I myself am boring and staid fashion-wise in the extreme).




He smelled really nice. Typical – blue sports fragrance- but not intrusive, nor abrasive, not staggeringly brutalizing your senses like so many I have come across: I assumed it was just some supermarket body spray but was intrigued enough to ask him about it eventually, and it was Versace’s Eros.




We havejust got back to the flat and his smell is all over me. I can smell myself and him on my clothes and skin, like a forty minute infatuation that lingers on the body like an imaginary kiss. And I think this is what perfume is : even if the scent in question is not a masterpiece (which this unquestionably isn’t), if at the very least it is balanced and well made, and suits the skin of the individual wearing it,  it seeps into your consciousness and bloodstream….,, the momentary pleasures of real, and spontaneous, human interaction.






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5 responses to “VERSACE EROS (2011)

  1. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    Wonderful post Neil. Perfume is powerful and meaningful. It can bring much joy to those who wear it and also when we smell something nice on someone else. I attended a local music venue yesterday and when I walked in the door, someone immediately told me that I smelled fantastic. I was wearing Francesca Bianchi’s “Angel’s Dust”.

    • Matty

      It’s always nice when someone compliments you on your perfume.

      • My experience today was much more powerful than that : obviously d was sitting there and we are monogamous but this barber was young and frisky and open ( people from Birmingham really are more friendly ), and also extremely handsome, like a creature from a Greek ancient forest. The scent was obvious, but still had something compelling. And because he was obviously manoeuvering about my person, he left traces all over me. I got home and was fascinated ; a heightened, sensual mingling that was olfactively stimulating and, I can’t deny, very erotic

    • Tell me more !

      ( and I totally agree : even when it is something you wouldn’t necessarily wear yourself, the effect on a person can be transformational )

  2. MrsDalloway

    Definitely you’ve been in the wrong country too long! Though that sounds a lot more fun than my hairdresser. Iirc Eros is a foghorn when freshly applied but I can see it working on the right person.

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