Along with Naomi Campbell !















Wish it was me on the cover but you know that Naomi looks better in that tight-fitting dress.




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  1. MrsDalloway

    Wow, glowing review, fantastic! Hope all the red lipsticked Vogue readers are rushing to the shops.

  2. Matty

    Wow Neil, Vogue and Naomi Campbell, you’ve really made it.
    Hope you get lots more sales for your gorgeous book.XX

  3. thisispaloma

    Wow how exciting – and Bethan Cole no less – I like her review; it would definitely make me want to have the book, which I already have and love . ( Thanks to the praises of your friend Persolaise, who read from it on his video like a preacher man 😂 – well it looked so like the bible with the gilded edges – and then you were talking about your grandmother and that was it , I was converted immediately;)

    So, great news:)

  4. Love this! Thanks for posting it Black Narcissus.

  5. Renée Stout

    Congratulations Neil!

  6. OnWingsofSaffron

    I‘m nearly through! Sheer greediness to test all entries, all explanations stopped any form of linear reading: it ended in a near crazed hopping from one chapter, from one review to the next.
    Neil, I am deeply impressed! Your book is deeply personal, and so much the better. It makes readers connect emotionally which is so all-important. Then, it is so kind, and I mean this in the best way: no curt put-downs, no cynical degrading. Then—content wise—so many new discoveries: I‘m on the point of ordering a dirt cheap, unopened Sira des Indes on ebay (hope it doesn‘t sound bananas!). Also interesting to see what is in the book and what isn‘t: for instance no Amouage! Also, sometimes, so different reactions and takes on perfume: for instance I find Muscs Koublaï Khan a complete kitten!
    Fantastic to have an index: yes!! Easy referencing for future browsing. Great colour scheme: violet perfumes are violet, lime scents are really in lime. I already mentioned the adorable sketches of the flacons—what exquisite attention to details!
    I remember your posts when you were writing: you never let us know how very disciplined, how very detailed, how many hours you must have spent writing those 280 immaculate pages!
    Bravo, bravissimo!

    • I mean if I could have, in an ideal situation, I would have had years to smell every single perfume in the world and then years to write it, and I would have covered way more than the parameters I was given would allow – I would love to have done a book about five times longer. Even as its is though, it is quite hefty, and your reaction is so thrilling to me, as I WANTED to induce the kind of frenzy you are talking about. It is supposed to be more a salivation and a tantalisation than The Definitive Tome. I do agree about Amouage (although I do mention them briefly in the Woods chapter – there are others I could have include as well, but didn’t). It is also a bit perverse of me including things like Sira Des Indes, but I remember that in the first Luca Turin guide (in French), call me a masochist but there was something about reading descriptions about perfumes you might never smell that was even more enjoyable for me than the ones you could; I like the idea of obscure, discontinued things being hunted down – and Sira Des Indes is DAMN sexy. The banana note is genius, honestly. Can’t wait to hear your reaction when you smell it.

      • Robin

        A little public service announcement. Online discounters, reputable ones, still have Sira des Indes listed on clearance. Fragrancenet (not affiliated; have had 100% success rate with them) has three different sizes from $15 USD.

      • Such a bargain – do you like it?

      • Robin

        Yes, I do, very much. My bottle dates back to shortly after its release, and it’s held up well, as Patous generally do. My only quibble is that it is rather linear and sits close to the skin. I’d like it to have that amazing Patou development and intensity (omg, 1000) and remember being a wee bit disappointed on that score when I bought it. I’m wearing it now and it IS lovely, nicer than I remember. A dozen years ago, I found it verging on the too-sweet, but now, compared to the sticky messes that have gummed up the mainstream shelves, it seems positively arid.

  7. You have reached a sacred place, the pages of Vogue. I am so thrilled for you and so happy that you accomplished this. Truth be told, you are a brilliant writer and a font of knowledge for all things fragrance, your time has arrived. You truly deserve all the accolades you are receiving and so many more.

  8. Robin

    I don’t know. I think if they did a “Who Wore it Better?” you might well have the edge.

    Great news. Excellent press. A book signing in Tokyo may be in the cards? Wish I weren’t across an entire ocean from you, or I’d do my damndest to make it.

    I am impressed and intrigued. Have you counted all your fragrances? Does “several thousand” mean samples, too, or only actual full-size bottles? Oh god, N., I would love to spend a few days just ogling and sniffing while you read from your book. I would die a happy woman. Hey, maybe that could be a book promo thing. Win an afternoon with author Neil Chapman in his dedicated perfume room! Buy a copy of Perfume and enter now!!

  9. Tara C

    You must be quite chuffed – Vogue magazine!! Congratulations, the book is wonderful, I am really enjoying it, both the text and the graphic design. And I totally agree about including discontinued unavailable scents to tantalize the reader. I think Luca Turin single-handedly created a frenzy over Nombre Noir with his review.

  10. David

    This is fantastic! I hope you get many more notices in the press. Doors open because of this, as I’m sure you know. For one part of my business in Brazil, I help people apply for international work visas. In the USA, there is a category of visa for experts in one’s field. Part of the proof for this visa application is press extracts. I’m not going to be presumptuous and even think you would want to live in the USA, (but maybe I can be forgiven, considering 95% of my Brazilian clients’ first choice/dream when thinking about a move abroad is the USA), but as a published writer with press, you would have a shot. Options. Doors.
    Anyway, congratulations!

  11. Julia Burke

    It’s happening…..hold on tight my friend!

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