A friend of mine, Setsuko, just sent me a picture of the Angela Flanders boutique, where she bought my book, nestled so naturally among the perfumes.



We also had a lovely afternoon in Shoreditch last month, meandering through the city on an unusually hot day, past churches – people eating their lunchtime sandwiches on lawns next to tombstones; tattoo shops; half the population, seemingly, having pints outside pubs in the unseasonably fine weathe;, down to the Columbia flower market, forgetting that this most English of perfumeries is only open on Sunday or by appointment only.



We peered in through the ornately decorated windows, but it was too dark inside to see.


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  1. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    Neil, I love the photos…although your book is the object that projects the feel of the photo.. The cover of your book is perfection.

  2. Matty

    Your book really is the main attraction in this display. Fab pictures. Fab book,I’m really enjoying it. X

  3. Tara C

    Lovely display, your book is the centrepiece and brings it all together beautifully.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Your book fits right in there, very nice.

    My Rêve Indien came! First purchase from the book (and the book launch where you recommended it). It’s great and such a bargain. So I can just about justify owning it as well as three Shalimar variants, three Habit Rouge variants and MH Fleur Oriental. It does its own thing anyway, a close relative but not a clone.

    • Yes – how would you say it is different? More civet? Baby powder? I think the season for it might have passed here but I have the big 200ml bottle, which will get used up in the cold weather for sure.

  5. Robin

    Like a Little Black Dress, that beautiful cover goes with anything, anywhere.

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