i need to pirouette


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15 responses to “i need to pirouette

  1. rprichpot

    Edgy. David Lynch-like atmosphere. I love it!

  2. Robin

    Oh, yeah! What an atmospheric 49 seconds. Love the visuals. Ghostly beauty, captured without having been seen, disappearing past the flashing red light, was she just a vision? And the sounds. The plain, suspenseful track running over the natural sounds of the night creatures. I’m thinking this wasn’t set up, she wasn’t with you and playing out a scene — this was a stranger and you saw something extraordinary and held up your phone and captured it? That would be extraordinary squared. If you orchestrated it, it is still something haunting.

    I’ve been wondering how you and your knees are, but especially you.

    • Thanks R

      All the former not orchestrated as you intuited

      : the sound is the don’t cross the tracks alarm : the frogs from the farm.

      And I really shouldn’t have walked up the hill that night – I woke up in agony at 2am, the first time since the operation.

      I LOVE our station , but might have to stick to the bus ….

      • Robin

        Wow, that perfect soundtrack was actually part of the scene itself? That’s extraordinary to the tenth power. More artful than art. And you had the artist’s eye, ear, instinct. I’m in awe.

      • No , I just whipped out my phone and took it : Kitakamakura is extraordinarily atmospheric – I love this atmosphere at night ( the zen center of Japan ).

        I let people walk or pirouette ahead of me usually and then have the hill all to myself.

        That’s why I want to walk, and it is so frustrating when I can’t ( I am hoping that this is just a blip ).

        Much of Japan is hyper stimulating – which I adore – but I like to come back to this womb-like darkness

      • Robin

        And I’m sorry that your knees paid the price.

  3. Robin

    And I’m sorry that your knees paid the price.

  4. Robin

    And sorry your knees paid the price.

    (Trying to post this for the third time. Spooky! Maybe this time’s the charm.)

  5. Robin

    Haunted web page.

    • The person is dancing in front of Engakuji ( see Wikipedia entry or elsewhere ), which though illegal you can enter at night, and which was very pivotal in making me stay in Japan.

      Prior to that I had been living in untenable, clogged locations that made me ill.

      On the way home, plenty of Buddhists stop and pray in front of it – this woman was obviously still lost, obliviously, in her dance steps

      • Robin

        Strolled around the site via YouTube this morning. I’m so glad I did. I can see why moving here was so crucial to your health. The setting itself is exquisite. Living in the right place makes all the difference for some of us. I’m glad you and Duncan found the sweet spot in Japan. And you’re still close to Tokyo, which I know holds its appeal for many reasons. One day, I’d love to read about those untenable, clogged locations. Or do point me to where you’ve already talked about them. Auntie Robin cares!

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