This week I have been smelling very lemony.




L’Occitane Verveine Aux Agrumes body foam ( fresh, tingly, with the texture of shaving cream but the smell of lemon mousse ), and the absurdly named Lemon by Shirley May ( 2017), a most pleasingly simple clean powdery lemon that for some might smell just like furniture polish but for me is calming and soothing ( and so cheap that at Japan prices I could literally buy SIXTY bottles of it for one single flacon of Francis Kurkdijian’s lemon ice pick through the eye, Petit Matin).


The other day I picked up Gres’s new summer release, Cabotine lemon – again, you could polish up your favourite mahogany furniture beautifully with this one : sharp lemons, and sage and vetiver chypric underpinnings as you hide in the cupboard from summer intruders.


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8 responses to “LEMONY

  1. David

    For my dose of lemon, I like Eau de Rochas Homme. Many people say I smell like furniture polish when I wear it but, as usual, I mentally file negative comments in the circular file (aka rubbish bin). I read a review that said French men apply this one liberally in the summer when they aren’t at their freshest. I don’t know why that kind of excited me–guess I once (who am I kidding, I still do) had a thing for French men. I also like Fragonard’s Etoile, but it lasts all of 20 minutes on my skin.

    • I have always liked Eau De Rochas but didn’t know there was an Homme. How different is it?

      The idea of these slightly dirty mecs with some extra lemon IS INDEED somewhat erotic – I totally get you!

      • David

        I have never tried the women’s version, but the men’s version is really nice and summery and a good one to travel to hot climates with. Yes, just the word mec is erotic to me….I’m back to my perfume as erotic enhancement ways. I tried to be all pretty and dappled sunlight streaming through lace curtains in a country cottage, but who was I kidding?

    • RitzySpritz

      Oooh yes, I also like Etoile! I have the same issue with most Fragonard perfumes, I thought it was just me. The exception is Fleur d’Orange Intense, it seems to have more staying power. I wish they could improve the longevity, their scents are wonderful.

  2. Robin

    Love the pics. I want that porcelain figurine!

    Interesting that you’ve mentioned the lemony concept right now, being as how I’ve been swooning over my new bottle of Guerlain Fleurs de Cedrat. I”ve been craving the intensity of that initial juicy-zesty twang so much in this early west coast heatwave that I’ve been closing my eyes and spraying it on my face first thing when I get up. Good morning Robin!!!!

    By the way, I like these short posts of yours. They’re satisfying to read and quick for you to make when you don’t have the chance to write a longer piece. Keep ’em coming.

    • We have the banana version of this Limoges – something I once couldn’t resist at a flea market.

      And thanks, yes – too busy and tired right now for long posts. I had started a more elaborate lemon post the other day while sat at a Chinese restaurant but realized it was overthought out and turgid and so got rid of it. Ten minutes on the way to work yesterday was more plugged in to the ether and the spontaneous chakras.

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