local magnolias

An exquisite, imperial lemon cream.D47F79B6-A7EE-4862-8986-DADC484EC533.jpegC141E863-9CCB-493C-A250-FDBA41938643.jpegA2FF1BBF-F6CF-4380-8611-17F32CBCF980.jpeg967B96AC-4160-4E37-BA2B-D7F78559A8FD.jpeg



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7 responses to “local magnolias

  1. Tara C

    I’ve been craving a magnolia scent, but nothing so far has hit the spot. I’ve tried FM Eau de Magnolia, AdP Magnolia Nobile and Grandiflora Magnolia Michel Roudnitska. Guerlain L’Instant is supposed to smell of magnolia as well but I couldn’t tolerate it and gave it away. Do you have a favourite magnolia perfume?

    • In my opinion it can’t be replicated at all, which is why I enjoyed cycling past all these flowers today.

      I quite like L’Erbolario’s though, which I mention in last year’s Hydrangea Girl piece.

      • Tara C

        I think you’re right, it’s one of those flowers that can’t really be accurately reproduced. Gardenia and lilac are notoriously difficult to get just right as well. The FM Eau de Magnolia was very screechy and I avoid all Byredo florals for the same reason.

      • That screechiness is headache vomitingly noxious for me, particularly with magnolia.

        I can do fake gardenia ( also now out in bloom ) much more easily.

    • I also used to love Maitre Parfumeur’s Magnolia Pourpre, which really did have something similar to the purple varieties.

      I am just really mentally allergic to the blinding white chemical white florals like Byredo’s Inflorescence etc

  2. I just adore magnolias! Oh, if only someone could faithfully reproduce the scent. As has already been stated above, no one has a really good magnolia scent.

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