a tantalizing glimpse of Rome, ‘82



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6 responses to “a tantalizing glimpse of Rome, ‘82

  1. Karsten

    Dario Argento’s masterpiece “Tenebrae”

    • Exactly!

      I love the perfume porn at the beginning : Chloe, Amazone, Caleche…

      We watched it again the other day: perfect for the rainy season. Shallow and silly but aesthetics to die for :style IS substance in his case: the white and green, the architecture, the clothes…I only wish the police officer weren’t wearing so much eye shadow

  2. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    For some reason Bonnie Tyler’s song “Total eclipse of my heart” comes to my mind and now I can’t get it out!

  3. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    So what exactly did the innocent thief actually steal?

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