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  1. What a fabulous interview! He really captured your vibe and conveyed it well with his line of questioning.
    I am really so thrilled you are receiving the recognition you deserve, it is about time.

  2. Robin

    I could have read your musings all day, N. Charles seems very sweet and earnest and I can tell he’s as much of a fan as the rest of us. Love so many of the things you said (although I must admit I think of the “gentlemanly” Chanel Pour Monsieur — at least the current formulation — as a subtle, entirely genderless masterpiece and steal Ric’s all the time).

    Just to clear up a small point. Nova Scotia, Canada has not made the wearing of fragrance illegal, despite what some mildly nefarious online sources have reported. While I was looking into this I came across an interesting article addressing the controversy of scent in the workplace which included this noteworthy snippet: “I understand that there are people who’ve been exposed to hard core chemicals and have legitimate issues,” says Carly Sommerstein, a 42-year-old production editor in New York who became extremely scent-sensitive during her pregnancy. “But I think there’s a whole other group of people who are just using this to boss everybody around. They’re moving away from chemical sensitivity to chemical entitlement.”

    I agree. It’s such bullshit. And those writers (not you; them) who enjoy fanning the flames of controversy by posting inaccuracies like the alleged perfume ban in Nova Scotia rub me the wrong way. I wish everyone would just quietly chill out.

    P.S. I wrote a smell, shamelessly fangirl bit and posted it on Charles’ page. I meant every word!!!!

    • Ooh I shall take a secret look – thanks.

      As for fanning the flames, I can’t deny I am a sensationalist shit-stirrer with a big dose of paparazzi who is less interested in accuracy than in making an impact : I don’ t always have 100% integrity in that regard as I am too lazy and instinctive to be pernickety ( this bugs D sometimes, being a more detail orientated Virgo ). That’s why I detested history at school but loved writing about literature instead : you could get away with murder

  3. Tara C

    What a wonderful interview, and I love that photo of you. The book and the blog are two different facets of you, and both a great read. I love the uniqueness of your writing as there are so many small details that deeply resonate with me, things that I never read about anywhere else. Your words cut right to the heart of the matter, revealing things that are felt but rarely expressed in words. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  4. Robin

    Your endearing confession trumps fact-checked accuracy any day.

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