would monsieur like some jolie madame?



While I toil and bubble in the last days of the Summer Seminar, one’s beau has nothing to do but things Bohemian: research locations for his film; plan for the forthcoming Tokyo party, Disco Shinto; swan about generally; go to craft lessons in Shinjuku; have his new acquaintance from his life drawing/ art performance class, Dr Sketchy’s, come down to the house ( while I am naturally working );  troll the junk shops ; spend precious time with the cat, on the tatami or on the balcony ; do a touch of home improvement; read ; and lounge about the house proffering – to visitors, as they photograph him in clothes from their shared dressing up wardrobes –  vintage perfume.















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12 responses to “would monsieur like some jolie madame?

  1. Robin

    Some guys have all the luck.

    Now I’m intrigued. This is the hallowed room-sized Fragrance Vault of one Neil Chapman, book author extraordinaire. While Duncan is indeed photogenic, I would like to see more! Close-ups, wide-angles, a real tour around your bottles. These glimpses are agonizingly titillating. I see a glimpse of an old Dior houndstooth cap with maybe an older Guerlain spray behind it. A Guerlain bottle or two. A Caron box, likely parfum. A bottle of Truth or Dare for sure. Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia? Cinnabar spray? Givenchy box. Odori bottle? L’Air du Temps at the front. I see no by-house organization, which is no surprise. MORE, please, sir.

    • Much of it is layered in dust and in complete turmoil : I have been ordered to do a bi-annual clear up once I finish work ( in two days !) There is, however, and never would be, any specific order as I genuinely prefer the chaos, breakages included!

      The houndstooth is probably the Diorling I would imagine – no Odori though ( never heard of that ?)

  2. matty1649

    I was trying to identify all those bottles as well X

  3. Tara C

    I see Guerlain Derby/Arsène Lupin?, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Givenchy, Caron, and Madonna Truth or Dare. Close-up shots please! 🙂

  4. Robin

    Quite right, Tara C!

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