On our balcony, Karen is in Tempo by Diptyque; I am in the classic Tubereuse by Le Jardin Retrouve.






Hot summer nights : I never want them to end.


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11 responses to “THE SUMMER DIARIES VOL..2

  1. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    I never want summer to end either. However, summers seem to fly by quicker than the other seasons. It is September, so Fall is upon us.

  2. Robin

    Karen looks lovely. I want to be there with you guys!!!! My dream come true.

  3. Robin

    In our province, Pinot Noir can a very rich, yet smooth, subtle and supple wine, low in the raspy tannins, intense oak and edgier flavours of a number of other B.C. reds that would clash or at least compete with perfumes, especially delicate ones.

    Also would complement blistering conversation.

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