empty supermarket shelves, as people stock up for the supertyphoon






I have never seen this before, and feel quite alarmed.




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38 responses to “empty supermarket shelves, as people stock up for the supertyphoon

  1. Tara C

    Hope you are not too badly affected! Batten down the hatches.

  2. I would be alarmed too. Please stay safe.

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    I will watch the weather forcast ?for Japan with close interest!
    Be thinking of you! Of Duncan!!
    And Ginza !!! Now I know where and what it is!
    Apres nous le deluge

    • Just watched three and a half films and wondered what the bright light was outside beyond the shutters and it was just the fact that is 6am.

      The rain is heavy: I watched three and a half films in a row but should bproably try and sleep

  4. matty1649

    Hope both of you keep safe. Blotto sounds like a plan XX

  5. Oh goodness, please be safe and sound. I sure hope it is hyperbole also, but if it isn’t just be cautious. Will watch the weather and keep up with what’s going on.

  6. Stay safe! I don’t know if you ever look at Twitter but the Japanese Ministry of Defense has set up a Twitter account to keep people informed: https://twitter.com/ModJapan_saigai.

    • Thanks! I can’t read it though…

    • emmawoolf

      Stay safe. Keep us informed! Xx

      • It’s getting quite lashy outside with all the eerie tannoy announcements – feeling a bit more like a typhoon. The house is all shuttered up so it feels a bit claustrophobic : we are going to watch a Trump documentary in a minute after breakfast (at 5:25pm!) and then watch Nicolas Cage rampage in the wonderful Mandy. Hopefully tomorrow it will be bright, and we can go on a bike ride and survey the damage, and then I can review some of the new perfumes I have received in the post. Part of me quite likes this ‘bunkering down’ thing as it is like a break from everything, just as long as it doesn’t actually become a natural disaster. I am already hearing things about dams and flooding in one of the areas I teach in which is quite disturbing.

  7. Update: now definitely under siege. The house is shaking a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Have just got a bag for the cat ready just in case.

  8. If things don’t work out: my life is on here; this is me, and thankyou for listening.

    I love you.

  9. MrsDalloway

    Blimey, hope you are OK and things are calming down. Or it is an enticingly perfumed Oz.

  10. MrsDalloway

    You are on a hill, aren’t you? The floods look terrible. Hope you are safe.

  11. Robin

    Jesus Lord, I am glad I was hanging out without internet or TV and didn’t know about this scary shit. Now I’ve read through the comments and I know you and Duncan and pussycat are safe. Bloody HELL!

    “If things don’t work out: my life is on here; this is me, and thankyou for listening.

    I love you.”

    If I’d read that in real time I would have freaked!!!! Yikes!! Okay, now the worst is over, get some sleep and then write about it here. If you can, if it’s not still too raw. Maybe it would help you process the whole thing. I can’t imagine how scary it was for you, and traumatic. I feel a little lightheaded and not in a good way.

    • It actually wasn’t traumatic at all – I was dancing around the kitchen for most of it. You could tell that it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was going to be: at one point I was thinking oooh, TOO buffeted by the winds, but basically it was fine, and I was opening the window downstairs to take a peek.
      We had a great time listening to music really loud…

      • emmawoolf

        Your heartfelt valediction did leave us slightly spooked….yet, as we furiously scrolled through NHK updates and cut and pasted indecipherable twitter feeds through Google translate…you were DANCING round the kitchen. Honestly, Neil! I should have known…. quel drame xx glad you were safe. Next post I trust: My Top 10 perfume choices for a supertyphoon x

    • Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

      Dutch Hugs!!
      So glad you all are safe and have escaped.
      Watch your step outside.
      And I’m so sorry about all the others who did not escape!
      All my love and sympathy

      • Yes: I can see that I come across as quite flippant here, party weirdo, when actually people have died and whole towns are underwater: it WAS quite terrible and I am aware of how bad things are in certain areas. This morning I feel very subdued and nervy – I think it was the government’s limited English advice: ‘DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO SAVE YOUR LIFE’ etc, the supermarkets being empty, and just this sense of not being able to do anything except wait and pray, that made me go into ultra party mode instead – i.e. FUCK IT, I AM GOING TO DANCE, which I know is the way I would approach Armageddon. Before it got really wild, I had the window open and was inhaling deeply the incredible smell of the greenery whipped up in the air while dancing to Iron Maiden, and can’t deny that it was exhilarating. That sense of being alive, completely alive, and not knowing what was going to happen. It is suppressed fear taking you to the nux of things and realising, profoundly, that you love life. Later, it was scary, but luckily Kamakura didn’t get really hit too hard – just a few trees knocked down yesterday. Other parts of the country were obviously much worse off.

  12. rosestrang

    I was up north without internet connection and didn’t know about the storm. Very glad to hear you’re safe!

  13. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    And I was worrying (next to the Living Theatre) about all those lovely bottles ….
    And you were dancing on the Volcanoe to Iron Maiden: Ginz’ Iron Butterfly intherain !!
    Bless you!!!

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