when an old friend presents Frederic Malle with your book



– and he doesn’t leave it there, uninterested on the table, but takes it with him; slipped in his briefcase.











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24 responses to “when an old friend presents Frederic Malle with your book

  1. emmawoolf

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I await his review with interest.

  2. That’s super, Neil. Well done to your friend.

  3. That is so wonderful!!! I’m sure he will enjoy it just as much as the rest of us have😊

  4. matty1649

    Good for your friend. I’m sure he will enjoy your book.

  5. Tara C

    Well done, I hope he reads it with pleasure!

  6. Whaaaat!? that’s wonderful. Lucky him.

  7. Robin

    What are friends for?

    Prediction: he’ll read your book, be blown away by your genius, and ask — no, BEG — you to come to New York to develop the next new fragrance with him.

    Take me with you.

  8. Susan

    Wow, that’s wonderful! I’ve given your book to other perfume lovers but to no one as famous as Malle. I love your book very much. I understand why your friend wanted Malle to have it.

  9. Woohoo! Now THAT’S a friend!

  10. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    It is SO nice to see you appreciated!
    I always talk about you when buying nose candy!!
    Now i can BRAG!
    The time will come when the shoe is on the other foot (?) and you will be the one in the picture!!

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