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A very happy, fulfilling, healthy, stimulating and beautiful new year to everyone. Last night we went to our local temple, Engakuji, to a precinct we had never been to before, and where we rang the sacred bell. It felt purifying.
























A wonderful 2020 to all.



















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13 responses to “2 0 2 0

  1. Happy New Year 2020 Black Narcissus (*-))

  2. Tara C

    Ringing the sacred bell and leaving your thoughts/wishes for the new year tied in a knot at the temple… sounds perfect. I wrote in my journal and spent time at home with my family. May we all have a 2020 filled with peace, joy and health.

  3. Robin

    Not a bad way to spend the evening. Good vids.

    Ric and I took the ol’ pickup truck up a logging road to one of our favourite lookouts across the forest to the Salish Sea and popped the cork on some bubbly while we watched the night fall and talked about the year we had.
    It was a good one.

    I suspect 2020 will be an interesting year for you. Hope the Vogue gig is just the beginning of some amazing experiences and opportunities.

    • Who knows whether it will even happen but thanks Robin.

      Looking out over the sea with sparkly sounds perfect. Although as you know we are hedonists extraordinaire, I do enjoy this kind of new year in Japan. Of course there are the disco countdown options available as well, but there is a beautiful clarity to the night sky at this time, full of stars, that makes the rituals at the temples feel very real, almost transporting.

      • Robin

        You really helped me imagine the whole thing exquisitely, and it sounds like something we would love. Maybe one day. I think you’ve helped all of us feel completely intrigued by Japan.

      • I am glad to hear that. Also very ready to write about the other side of the coin…

  4. emmawoolf

    A very happy new year to you, dear friend. Here’s to 2020 bringing good things. Look forward to hearing all about them xx (I have spent today faffing about on the internet. Hoping that the rest of the year will be more productive!)

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