HYPAER, by AETHER (2018)






We all have domestic chores we like or despise above others. I will never bend down to scrub a floor, but I don’t mind a bit of ironing. The steam : the clean suspended moment. The crackle of droplets and static.


If you also like the smell of slow, hot-pressed drudgery ( I go back to work tomorrow, it is raining heavily, and I am about to embark on a lot of this myself) – and want to prolong the olfactory heart of the experience,  Hypaer, by Aether, a French perfume house specializing purely in synthetics, brings you the plugged-in ironing board/ electrical appliance situation all day long : continuously, in a magnetic, and for me curiously erotic;  antiperfume















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6 responses to “HYPAER, by AETHER (2018)

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Never will I be ironing again without drawing breath, exhaling and floating on, after seeing these dreamy photoos!
    Albeit not too long in case of burning fabric
    Sounds just like a pic me up when scrubbing floors, w(h)ich I detest as much as you apparently do!! Imagination is a great help in domestic drudgery!

    • Oh god yes – and it needs music, for sure. In the case of scrubbing floors, it is not just the hatred of the act itself, but the impossibility given my knee situation. It is physically impossible. D does that. I make up for it with meal preparation and other ‘jobs’ that have become mine. I DO like the smell of ironing though – it is always a good time for reflection, I think.

  2. Robin

    A small, perfect piece of writing.

    I’m okay with scrubbing floors. I like a bit of ironing. But cleaning the toilet. A chore too far. They will never make a commercial fragrance that hints at that. Or will they? Eau de Tidy Bowl?

    The photos are perfect too.

    • The toilet is ok for me as it is a necessity and all you have to really do is spray things which I am a dab hand at!

      This perfume is actually really good : if the bottle were nicer I would consider getting it as although on the whole I am not at all into this type of non-human perfume, something completely unconnected to nature, at the same time the fact that human beings now DO smell of fabric conditioners and clean synthetic fibres makes it feel quite touching. The base dries down to a pleasing musk akin to the end notes of Bulgari Pour Homme. The beginning is PURE ironing. Duncan was gobsmacked by how realistic it is and how he was suddenly thrust into his living room as a child while his mother did the ironing. You can almost TASTE it.

  3. Tara C

    I love ironing, I find it relaxing. I use scented water in a spray bottle to spritz the clothes (never put water in the iron itself), usually lavender or orange blossom. This perfume sounds quite appealing actually. Need to make a note to track down a sample. Atélier Cologne Vanille Insensée also has a hot iron smell to me. Not sure what that note is.

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