Oh my god.
















The holy Grail.











A pristine, 30ml original parfum of Lancome’s mythical Magie Noire, with its legendarily sinuous sultriness of pantheresque witchery; the finest chypric sillages in history, a trail like a taunt, sitting unknowingly on a table in my kitchen.











just LOOK AT IT.










i have always so wanted to experience the extrait in the flesh.












And here it is.




































But it is not mine.










The precious elixir is on loan from a friend: like The Hermitage to The Prado, and I can only gaze at it, and try a drop on my wrist: its mellow force and soaped depth, smooth substance, the very heart of the luminous sorcery






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35 responses to “MAGIE NOIRE VINTAGE PARFUM (1978)

  1. How can she have found this for just twenty dollars?



  2. Daphne if you are reading this: aren’t you DYING ?!!!! We have to get you one of these original beauties one day.

    You wear it like no other x

  3. All I can see is she is one lucky gal. I hope she enjoys it and I’m glad you are savoring the time you spend with the beauty.

    • And Zubeyde smells truly fantastica in a patchouli chypre – I am delighted she has it actually, and hope she wears rather than hoards!

      • Zubeyde Erdem

        I looked up the dictionary for the meaning of : hoard. Unfortunately, I will hoard it , N !
        I found that beauty in front of an old Japanese man at Shinagawa flea market a few months ago.A true mood maker like infants themselves were waiting over there among with other used clothes, accessories, toys.
        Another sad totally sad perfume case for me.
        We all amazed here by only seeing it in “ life”. It was like a miracle bell, it was like time machine as soon as readers saw it everyone gathered around it. I guess , everyone damn sure that the one same “ fume “ can take anyone else to anywhere in the world at any particular chosen time of desired. With what can everyone feels like as that ? Good mama’s foods, a nice movie, pictures , songs ? Yes, possible, but I found most them very personal. Most probably, my mom’s nice dishes wouldn’t create a hysteria 🙂
        Honestly, I didn’t apply it on my skin up to now. I don’t have experience about how it is smelling on skin but I have some “feelings” about it’s personality according to our first meet.
        First of all, she was nothing else but shining something inside of other junkies as I was walking towards to her from some distance. A real queen was sitting , actually, standing over there with highly proud of thought of herself what she was no matter what happens in life. She had real privileges that even she herself couldn’t denied it. She cannot scream out loudly about her destiny finally. She knew that once she got that crown and had to carry it with dignity, pride with most difficult part of her creation of modest code till the day she vanishes forever. I gently opened box. There again, no doubt about her stopper crown, but the clothes !! I didn’t like it so much at first. Some black plastic cover around her body seemed like anyone else’s daily clothing. Okayyy, let me take into my bare hands and say hi to each other. She is not a child, she is not a easy person ,she is not the one jump into your arms soon, like a puppy. Heads must not turn to you. It is me MN, distance ! Let yourself clear to her highness first ! Are you able to carry my “ highnesses “? Then I may reveal myself to you very slowly. Once, you get the her highness hand on your “ neck “ you will feel confident and safeness. I realized then, there was no cracks on her creation codes that’s why she didn’t need very fancy outfits.
        No, N, I cannot “ use” it. It is not only master craft fume for me. I’m agree also with Brielle as she said : you can’t tamper it haphazardly . Fifty grades of loving anything 🙂
        I love them and I use some of them, but I even worry about some of them what will happen if I leave Japan at one day suddenly. ( I guess you know the reason for that case)
        I will save and seal all the good beauties as much as I can for some different reason.
        P.s : I’m trying to teach perfume love to my 2 nephews whose are a girl 2.5 yrs and a boy 13 yrs old for growing up next generation perfume knights. I hope one day they will have my collection.

      • Wonderful.

        And YET : : : : : you should wear Magie Noire. Perfume is to be worn, used, adored….not only looked at (though I agree that this bottle does have true power).

        I feel privileged to have been able to borrow it!

      • PS Shinagawa flea market has been so boring recently. Is it because you go early in the morning and get everything?!!!

  4. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Once decades ago ago I had the perfume in a small bottle; I did not know then it was such a treasure! And on me it smelled too witchy, if you know what I mean; I’m sure someone else would smell divine.
    The days of parfum are long gone by: parfum de toilette is all you can afford to buy, alas;
    and extrait de parfum is almost a mirage!
    I am glad your friend of the beautiful name owns such a treasure.
    May she wear it in splendid magnificence!

  5. Daphne Hume

    I am really green with envie.You know this is my favorite perfume of all time.. What they have done to this perfume over time is completely changed it. .When l first started wearing Magie people would ask me what l was wearing, .but this is happening to a lot of perfumes, as you know.
    Daphne xx

  6. Robin

    LOOK AT IT. Hell, can’t take my eyes off it.

    Takes me back to my twenties when I wore it for several years nearly monogamously — in parfum form, my concentration of choice always. I still own a fair bit of vintage edp from the flea markets, gloriously intact. But what I’d give for that bottle of your friend’s. Even a drop.

    It is so statuesque, and so distinctly recognizable. One of mý favourites. Hard to believe we have come to La Vie est Belle after this.

    Glad you’ve been able to experience it afresh. What a good friend you have.

  7. OnWingsofSaffron

    Hello there, just to let you know in case you haven’t yet seen it: your book is prominently on view in Persolaise’s latest Love at First Scent-Vlog—the one on Dior’s Rouge Trafalgar.
    Best wishes from Cologne

  8. Julia Burke

    I used to wear the body cream to work every day – I loved it so much. It was discontinued obviously. Even this ‘inferior’ (I wouldn’t know) version was like being wrapped up in freshly washed luxurious impenetrable blanket. My mum wore the perfume & it really suited her. That bottle is so beautiful & I would love to smell the original…! Why do they change the originals? Is it to do with cost or fashion or just the irresistible urge to tinker..?

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Cost (substituting beautiful materials for cheaper ones); changing tastes, certain ingredients becoming illegal..

      I imagine the body cream could possibly have been the best way to wear this perfume – like you say, a blanket that must rise up intermittently and feel like a delicious protection. x

  9. The scent of evenings out with the parents, sat in the back of DFC 311R. My dad bought some (not quite this beautifully vintage) off ebay for my mum a couple of years ago and it smelled of precisely nothing. A very strange and disappointing (fairly obviously) experience for all concerned.
    I think I would dissolve into a heap of nostalgic tears if I smelled it now. It truly is a darkly magical perfume, never ever forgotten.

    • How the hell did it smell of nothing? Was a it a dummy/factice or just a rip off? How annoying. Of course I associate this perfume with Daphne, but many years before that association it was also for me your mum’s perfume (who wears it more delicately somehow – she brings out a precise facet; on D’s mum it is more earthy). What is so beautiful here is the complexity of it – the multilayered ‘story’ – this parfum, which I have to give back but have enjoyed just spending time with, contains precisely those themes both of us know and love.

    • Karsten

      I had the same experience with several vintage bottles of Magie Noire edt, dab on flacons, sprays, atomiseurs… Probably it did not always hold well over the years, it keeps its identity but it’s like muted (longevity is always good though). I own a small gem as well, the perfume in the necklace bottle that, unlike the aged edt, is very rich and alive.

  10. What a marvel of the parfumeurs art you have there! Your friend is truly lucky to have found such an absolutely glorious bottle, for such an amazing price, and how luck that you got to sample a bit of it as well.
    I have a 7,5 ml bottle that I absolutely adore. It really shows off its different facets in a more subdued way in the extrait version, as opposed to the edt which is a little more vampy.
    My dream is to one day own a full 30ml of the extrait and not have to be so judicious in my wearing of it.
    Such a legendary scent should never have been tampered with so haphazardly, what it is now is an abomination.

    • I love the use of the word abomination in this context.


      I agree though : dare I say it? I almost DO prefer the vampiness of the lighter, fresher versions.

      And yet the subdued quality… rich, assured.

      Maybe the PERFECT Black Magic situation would have been wearing judicious doses of the parfum, edt, body creme in inspired, homeopathic intuitions on the body’s secret chakras

      • Wearing all three would be lust inducing. Magie noire is such an intoxicating fragrance, well I don’t know if anyone could withstand its charms, even in homeopathic amounts.

  11. rosestrang

    Ooooooooo. The Edp version was my first proper perfume (after Body Shop stuff etc) at the age of 17! I would love to have tried the extract. Look at those excellent hieroglyphs and symbols haha! A mishmash if astrology, freemasonry and who knows what else. The packaging is great. You’ve inspired me to find a vintage!

  12. “Eureka”

    I happened across this blog, myself a Magie Noire devotee, and just wanted to THANK YOU because

    OH MY GOD…

    You made me gape in awe and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

    MN is beauty unparalleled—I hope you enjoyed her visit with you.

    • I did. I couldn’t quite leave it intact and now regret it as it was WRONG. So gorgeous, no? Nothing like it.

      Please read further! I love new people coming on here. You might like this other piece on Magie Noire:

      • Eureka

        I love the fact that you have a soft spot for vintages like myself… I enjoyed surfing your blog. I could hear it in my head all the while and laughing…

        “Oh, my god… Look at her BOTTLE
        It’s so BIG… she looks like… one of those noire type girlfriends!…. I mean, her butt… it’s just so big, I can’t believe it’s just so round, so like OUT there… I mean gross, look… she’s just so… black…” LOL

        The original version box and it’s pseudo-hieroglyphics was definitely “out there”, but back in those days it didn’t seem so odd when the common pick up line was “what’s your sign?”

        The very first time I smelled the original Magie Noire was in the early 80s when I was gifted a small parfum bottle and an EDT with the matching lotions, and at the time, little did I know what a priceless item I had been given, I just knew I absolutely adored it, the scent was ME in a bottle. It became my signature scent for almost two decades — to my nose, nothing, ever, EVER came close, but I usually had to settle for EDT as I couldn’t afford the parfum. When reformulation in the 2000s rendered even the EDT unrecognizable to me I left perfumes altogether in disgust and only used essential oils… until I discovered that vintages could be found, and that there were other devotees like myself. 🙂 I have managed to acquire EDTs from 1978 through the early 2000s since then, and even some huile parfum, but I have to say I did feel quite a tinge of envy at your friend’s extrait — so rare to find the real thing. I almost short-circuited my computer drooling on my keyboard. Who could possibly resist such temptation?!? I don’t know that I could have resisted bathing in it…

        Needless to say, my obsession with it has not waned over the years, and it’s so gratifying to see that other people out there GET her and UNDERSTAND and can sense the knee-weakening power she yields, timeless and inimitable, a scent that represents to me absolute perfection, no matter how “outdated” her dress and profile.

        I look forward to reading a blog that you have yet to write about one of my other favorites, Chamade extrait… another classic that is so wonderful it’s hard to do it justice with words. I will await with bated breath so that I can inhale deeply when you decide it’s time to put your stamp of eloquence and style to Guerlain’s ’69 classic.

        Au revior! And thank you so much for such a wonderful blog!

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