I am a bit late to the cruise ship with this one, but it is quite nice ( yes ! to powdery crisp bergamot aldehydes, hawthorn, heliotrope, and soft balsams) even if I was expecting









but got something more akin to something like












Snug, musky – – —- safe


Filed under Cosy Comforting Orientals, Floral Aldehydes

6 responses to “METALLIQUE by TOM FORD (2019)

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    I like the grasping crossed hands. And I lije hawthorn and heliotrope and I am an aldehydie.
    Imagine being tucked in this baby tearose Sundowner with a peppery twist.
    Even a cruise on the monstership would be slightly bearable.
    I have to confess to a feeling of glee hearing the fate of this floating castle of horrors.
    Nothing personal!!!!!

  2. Robin

    The second looks much more comfy.

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