I wore a tropical ylang ylang oil I bought from a tea shop in Hanoi.






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  1. OnWingsofSaffron

    Isn‘t it strange: here we are doing video and tele-conferences, online stuff, live-stream sport & yoga, as if we had grown up with this for years: tout très blasé. Yet actually the majority more or less just finished reading the manual how to install the stupid webcam! In my 3 week‘s experience there are some perks, and wearing whatever bloody perfume I want without some colleague asking pointedly, d‘you mind if I let in some fresh air bullshit is a blessing! I wore a mega dose of Santa Maria Novella Patchouli the first day!!

    • That is one divine choice.

      And yes, I have thought similar things. Things are changing so quickly, but we are getting accustomed to them equally. I don’t think I did a great job today, but I found it so discomfiting talking to a lens that I couldn’t bear to do a double take.

      Some people’s extroversion/introversion dials are better set: I love how Dariush does his Persolaise’s live feeds, but I personally would rather die.

      • It was almost better having my boss film me: at least it felt human. This – just talking to an artificial eye hole – made me feel very odd indeed.

        Of course I will probably just get used to it.

    • I’m glad you are working from home. Imagine how much worse everything would be if we had no technology. I can’t fathom a mega dose of Santa Maria Novell Patchouli, No other perfume I own is stronger than Santa Maria Novella Patchouli, at least on me. When I even put a drop on, people run away from me. Perhaps it is an excellent coronavirus deterrent.

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        If that were the case, I’d gladly administer three very healthy layers of the afore mentioned SMN, my Néréides Patchouli Antique as well as Bornéo 1834, one on top of the other. And for good measure, I’d keep my Hippie Rose by Heeley in very close proximity, just in case!

      • ooo I am liking it. I can imagine that triple-milled Patchouli fantasma working brilliantly. And then just a quick touch of Hippie Rose as you walk by people…….you will be like the wise, cunning mother of Cher’s Dark Lady.

      • !

        It IS very strong, but also so stylish and unique I think. D’s mother Daphne adores it, as does my friend Georgia. It is REMOVED from the decrepitude of reality.

        As for working from home, my god yes. I am finding it weird, but I am SO glad that I insisted strongly on not going in to the office. My colleagues feel like cannon fodder right now. I have got at least another month here, which is much much better. Things in the US look horrendous.

      • Things in the US are horrendous right now and actually have been for a while even before the covid-19.

      • Oh I know….

        I just hope that they turn a corner at some point and some more balanced humanity returns to the picture.

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    I find Love at First Scent a little too busy, but that‘s me and not the format, and most certainly not Persolaise whom I admire, and think is rather sexy!
    I think you should continue as you‘ll gain practice. „Übung macht den Meister“ (there we go again with the Master genre)!
    I do believe we‘ll all be experiencing far more digital formats in a post-Corona age.

    • I think so too (and I agree about Persolaise completely! He is extremely good at what he does. AND I WANT THAT MANY BOTTLES AS WELL…….).

      The thing for me is – ironic given that I have been a teacher for quarter of a century – is that I ultimately do feel nervous every time I have to ‘perform’. When I do, I often completely ‘spring into action’ and am very spontaneous (I ride the ether), but it still exhausts me afterwards. I found my big book launch terrifying and quite stressful, but preferred the smaller soiree with friends.

      This new thing is weird because the vast majority are new students I have never met before. Usually I would be feeling the atmosphere and reacting to it. Just staring into nothing makes me feel strangely violated.

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