In these trying times, we must learn and adapt to our new situations.

Initially, when I knew I would be isolated inside my winter house, I was panicked. The thought of being somewhere so, modest, filled me with fear. I’m not ashamed to say that I cut off all of my daughter’s hair in a fever of disorientation.

Subsequently, out of confusion, I pushed the butler out of the window when I heard the news of being under a state of emergency, his low screams for the next 48 hours certainly made my afternoon beauty sleeps more challenging.

With much thought, I suddenly realised; just close the window! I slept in blissful quiet that very afternoon.


There have been challenges, certainly. For example, within the first seven hours of self isolation I had killed and eaten my three peacocks and I realise now that Johnson (RIP) had left a fully stocked kitchen! I’m such a ding-a-ling sometimes! But we must laugh!

I am proud of myself for learning how stairs work AND how to open drawers.

What are YOUR lessons at this time?











(guest post by Belgium Solanas)


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9 responses to “LESSONS

  1. Thank you! This was my first laugh out loud of the day! Glad I found your wonderful blog.

    • This is my friend Belgium’s post – I don’t know if the rest of my writing (basically about perfume) is as hilarious – but the line about the daughter’s hair is so funny I had to put it up.

      Nice to meet you.

  2. Robin

    I laughed out loud, too, which I rarely do. Good work, Belgium.

  3. bibimaizoon

    Well, I mean REALLY, who hasn’t pushed their butler out the window in a state of confusion once. Or Twice. Drawers have not been invented in Nepal yet, so I’m good on that.

  4. I loved this!! Brilliant piece of writing!!!
    I must meet Belgium when I eventually make my way to Japan. Needless to say, this Autumn it will not be happening as we planned.

    • I don’t think anything will be happening as planned this year – we also very likely won’t be going back to the UK in the summer.

      But when you DO come here…..oh yes. You are both being taken OUT. You will love it, and will enter our underground community. We should plan it so your trip coincides with one of the Closet Balls. That would be great fun.

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