The Return



May 26, 2020 · 3:13 pm

16 responses to “The Return

  1. bibimaizoon

    Reason #1 why I never want to work in healthcare in the USA ever again. The most expensive healthcare system in the world with the worst health outcomes in the developed world. Gross mismanagement, outright indifference, and profiteering at patients’ expense. Disgusting and obscene.

  2. What a powerful front page. It says it all.

  3. Tara C

    When you look at the billions they are spending on stimulus, think of what kind of a health care system they could have built with that money, if they actually cared about the American people. Unfortunately it’s all about the 1% and their profits.

    • It will always be one of the mysteries why such a health care system is accepted which plainly isn’t fair. I have researched about this, and if I had had my double leg operations in the USA it would have cost 10-20 times more than it did in Japan and I would now be in such debt that my life would basically be written off.

  4. Robin

    And Trump, head down, about to tee off. Says it all.

    • I mean I understand the need to get back to normal, of course, but it has never seemed that he has really given a damn about anything except for statistics.

      But he will still win re-election anyway, I bet you any money. Joe Biden isn’t strong enough.

  5. This powerful image sums it all up perfectly. This country is a shameful disgrace.

    • I love America and a myriad things about it – the world would be dull AF without American culture – REALLY boring!

      But the systems, and the politicisation of everything over wearing masks etc – similar to what was happening in the UK just magnified – from most other countries’ perspectives just seem rather laughable.

  6. robinw47

    I must take issue with Brielle87’s comment that “This country is a shameful disgrace.” While I feel deeply saddened and angry about our current political climate and the abhorrent and grossly incompetent response by our government to the corona virus-19, I don’t feel we as a country are a “shameful disgrace.” I feel that America has many loving, caring, intelligent people that are trying to help in this pandemic and there are many wonderful individuals that are working for political change as well.

    • Definitely. I agree with you. I don’t think Brielle, as an American, would think otherwise either. I shouldn’t speak on her behalf, but I think It is an expression of deep frustration and disgust with certain individuals that she is remonstrating against here.

      D and I were talking about this the other night: like any society, there are extreme, opposing factions. It is just such a shame that the US has become SO fractured, SO extreme, and that so many have fallen for the easy magnetism of a false prophet and opportunistic populist who I honestly don’t think really cares if people live or die. THAT most definitely IS a shameful disgrace. As it will be in November when he wins again, unless the other side seriously ups its game and goes for broke.

      • Robin

        Really glad to read everything you’ve written here in response and I agree with it all. I’m glad Brielle feels the same. Thank you, too.

    • Usually, as you know, this is usually a perfume blog. But sometimes I can’t help but want and have a need to express other things. I can see, though, that this can sometimes be problematic.

      The UK has not exactly done a great job either. I have been reading, as I am sure you have, about the fact that it seems to often have been the female leaders that have done a much better job of managing the situation than the narcissistic males. New Zealand, Germany, Taiwan, Finland, they all have women leaders who take a stern and pragmatic approach to protect the people they were elected to serve.

      Putin, Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro – all puffed up semi or actual dictators who ultimately care about power and their position, really messed up in terms of their priorities and policies and ended up with terrible levels of infection and death. Japan also has an autocratic, nationalistic leader, and for a while, I really thought that we were going to go the same route. But because the people are so cooperative – you could also easily say over obedient and docile, depending on your outlook – the populace as a whole has calmly worked together to try and resolve the problem.

      Seeing those raging freaks screaming into the faces of police, apoplectically demanding the right to be free to infect others, convinced that everything is a conspiracy theory and that any action by any government is a move to take away their right to guns and liberty….I know it is a free country and it is great that there is always the liberty to express one’s personal opinion, but seeing those images, I must confess I can imagine how Brielle, as a person from that country, would be feeling…

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