There are men all around me this evening, and one of them is wearing the most delicious smelling citrus fresh musk : an effect that is physically affecting ; discombulating.

People ::::::::::/ PERFUME IS POWERFUL !!


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  1. Tara C

    Lucky you! We are back in lockdown for a month, the only person I am smelling is myself. Today is Memo Shams Oud (which doesn’t smell at all like oud, reminds me more of a powdery amber).

  2. Georgia Kossifou


    • Liz

      I wish you knew what it was! I think usually the person wearing it makes fragrance small even better!
      I think it has something to do with with chemistry.
      Chanel No. 5 was like a symphony on me! Then
      I came down with an illness and it never smelled
      As good on me. Last year, a little old lady( so sweet)
      Asked if I was wearing fragrance. Of course I was.
      I don’t remember which fragrance but I was wearing
      Brown Sugar & Fig by Bath and Body Works.
      She thought that was it. Everything smelled good
      On my Mothet!

    • Seriously, after a very long and exhausting day at work, when I looked around me and saw the people in question – all very handsome J-men – and ONE of them was smelling so divine, it was like unlocking my entire spirit.

      And then the train doors opened and I had to get off.

  3. Oh, those moments are wonderful. The last time that happened to me was in Vancouver 2015. We took a tour bus going from downtown Vancouver over to Vancouver Island, and the girl who was in the seat in front of us smelt intoxicating. I asked her what scent she was wearing and, quite perturbed as she was, told me it was an Emporio Armani scent. That was quite surprising, since most modern Armani scents do not delight me at all
    I am rarely near people who smell as good as I do, or better, so I am not usually aware of other people’s fragrances. Occasionally though, someone will leave a trace of scent that is divine; not where I live, but when I am in Boston, or on a trip with hubby. People in Barcelona smelt wonderful overall, so many wonderful fragrances worn.

    • I love it too and the fact I was so rapturous probably shows what a rare occurrence is. I sometimes think that the perfumes we summarily dismiss – like Emporio Armani, for example – sometimes do smell phenomenal on the person / age group / demographic they were intended for. It makes you realise that perfumes are more versatile and better made than we perfumistas think with our judgmental rejections!

  4. Robin

    Lucky you. I would love to smell more fragrances in the wild, but very rarely do, and then they often are vile: along the lines of La Vie est Belle or Coco Mademoiselle — chemical fruit-caramel-patchouli bombs (with apologies to those who wear and enjoy those kind of scents).

    Compared to those, a blast of oud would be welcome.

    Citrus fresh musk. I wonder what it was.


      V I L E N E S S

      To smell something fresh, living, funked, EROTIC, modern and then to survey the potential perpetrators (all masked, obviously) was definitely a late night horny salaryman moment.

  5. Ann

    Could it be Neroli D’Or by Hermes….it’s a cologne that I tested last week and when I smelled the test strip a few days later it was glorious? Musky and citrusy.

    • I wonder. I don’t know if anyone in the carriage really looked the Hermes type though – it seemed like something more simple to me. But who knows: I now really want to smell Neroli D’Or just to be sure!

      • Ann

        I thought it was a bit ordinary at first …just a rather boring cologne. Then was surprised at how lovely it smelled next day….I don’t have your knowledge of perfume but it seemed like saffron and musk.

  6. OnWingsofSaffron

    Yes, yes, yes, I can feel it! That rush, triggered by the musky, carnal scent emanating from one handsome man whirled around with phantasies instantly rising from the subconscious. It is, in a way, a complimentary present of a young man—me voici !—, a sublimated yet fleeting promiscuous moment bursting like a bubble when the doors open.
    What an exquisite moment!

    • Exactly like this. What is amazing is how you can almost be ‘dormant’, and then when the combination of physical attractiveness is combined with a gorgeous scent, it is like immediately being brought to life and taken out of your dull reveries as you take the late night train home. So rare that perfume smells this amazing, though – even on myself.

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