goodlordy it’s all been tiring


October 8, 2020 · 11:06 pm

19 responses to “goodlordy it’s all been tiring

  1. The political, the personal; the private, the public : E X H A U S T I N G.

  2. emmawoolf

    Hasn’t it just?

  3. Tara C

    Completely. It’s all I can do to survive hour by hour. We are in the throes of packing for the move on top of all the other crap going on in the world. The best part of my day is when I’m asleep and not conscious of it all.

    • This sounds as if you really are snowed under and overwhelmed. I am finding the news intolerable – that ape, who I don’t even have the energy to rant about any more as he / it just has been filling up our brains with hate-filled garbage for the last four years – has caused so much negative energy in the world there are no words for it any more (and I just don’t have them). Masks; work……other things going on in our lives behind closed doors.

      nothing will ever prevent the joy of pop music, movies and perfume

      • Tara C

        I haven’t watched TV in months, can’t tolerate it. Unfortunately my husband and SIL insist on telling me about it. In addition to my sweet dog who sticks to me like glue, my books, music and perfume are all that are helping me get through it. And long walks outside. I have to go out twice a day or the weight of my stress crashes me into paralysis.

      • Sorry to hear it.

        I do think that Robin’s neck of the woods might be better for you : this chapter is OVAH

      • Tara C

        Yes, this chapter is definitively over. I’m hoping the next few months in San Diego will allow me to relax and recover, so we can start afresh in April on the west coast. Hoping for better days to come.

  4. Robin Wright

    I feel your pain because it’s exactly how I feel too 😦 Watching our vice- presidential debate last night was exhausting. The presidential debate last week was exceptionally exhausting. The lack of civility and rage that is going on in my country is exhausting and disheartening. I worry about us all and hope for happier, healthier times ahead. I do love your blog because it’s a wonderful escape for me and I’m grateful for that.

    • Thank you. It’s an escape for me, even if right now I am too tired to write anything.

      A post for me last night was just this random picture of a hoodied person on a train station – yet somehow it seemed to encapsulate something.


      • Robin

        This helps. Thank you, N.

      • Are you frazzled out too?

      • Robin

        Oh yeah. Had to unplug from a lot of it. What exhausts me is dishonesty and hostility. I also get exasperated by biased media coverage. And well meaning people who are misinformed and do more harm than good. The tendency to pick a side and ignore rational thought. Also worried about everything that’s going on with COVID. It’s all just such a mess. So I am focusing on my little bubble of life with Ric and close friends and making it as calm and nurturing and comfortable and beautiful and rewarding as I can, and feeling gratitude that those things are possible, and that things will ultimately improve.

        But a good friend of mine here in B.C., very politically aware, is stockpiling food. He’s convinced the US election will end in chaos and violence.

        Seriously. It’s scary.

      • I know. I feel you.

        And agree about rational thought – completely.

  5. Julia

    Sometimes you just have to turn down the volume and STOP. Your writing (even when brief) is always a tonic. X

  6. It all is very tiring and exhausting.
    Take some time to just be, with an appropriate incense to calm and cocoon.
    I have been burning candles lately. The scents are soothing and relaxing.

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