Extrait, if you please. I need something rich, gorgeous and festive for this kitchen disco we are about to have (if things go right……COME ON PHILADELPHIA!) – to have the best scent with me bandying about to Depeche Mode in my long johns.

D : in the background editing his latest film. I will have to get dressed up again later for some kind of bananas art joint he is doing with the latest bunch of vaudevillian characters he met up with the other day – just the ticket after the horror of this week.



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  1. Z

    Love the wig. Do describe the festivities at some point!!

    • Just danced around to Joni Mitchell in the kitchen : I am like Big Bird today doing the chicken dance – being totally foolish and gleeful; I feel it is COMING.

      D is doing some kind of hilarious silent movie era black and white Louise Brooks inspired spoof for Tokyo Drag Kings – apparently this wig is going to be cut into a bob and I am to do the Charleston and what not against the green screen upstairs. The week has been so fucking dreary, with people not wanting to engage with any of it and I feel like fireworks about to go off, blasting through the ceiling in the kitchen, up through the bedroom, and out through the roof like a wicked ol’ witch

  2. Sounds like a lot of much-needed fun, Neil. This has been such a heavy year.

  3. David

    Kitchen disco sessions have saved me during this pandemic.
    Which Joni Mitchell song did you dance to?

    Last night I had Deeper and Deeper going strong.
    I recommend Dave Aude remix of “Fancy” by Reba McEntire’s “Fancy”. Reba is drag queen inspiration and she knows it.
    Also really good is DJ Cam’s 2015 remix of “Summer in Paris.”

  4. Tara C

    Nice wig. 🙂 time to break out the champagne!!

  5. Yes, it is time to celebrate!

  6. Perfect scent to just dance and be wild in. Love the wig, it looks so happy.

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