narcissus ikebana

Train stations in Japan often feature ikebana flower arrangements in wooden glass cabinets; a moment’s contemplation before you change lines.

At Tsujidō station today, this lady paused for a minute or so in front of this simple design of Japanese suisen : the sweet and perturbing, melancholic clarion call of winter.


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7 responses to “narcissus ikebana

  1. so civilized so beautiful

  2. So lovely and mood soothing it must be.

    • Yes. I think something simple like this (local ikebana societies frequently change the arrangements) can punctuate a stressful day really nicely ; it’s not much, but it elevates the moment.

      • The beauty we encounter in unlikely places makes each day more precious. Wish there were touches of beauty here in the states like that, but very few would know how to appreciate it.

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