My parents’ garden, taken one hour or so ago on FaceTime.

To me it is a marvel that you can be so far apart, and yet capture the snow as it is falling.


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19 responses to “SUSPENDED IN TIME

  1. emmawoolf

    beautiful xx

  2. Like a mutual crystal ball.

    Agreed, despite our modern complaints about technology and “Zoom fatigue,” grateful to have these platforms to stay connected.

  3. How pretty! Everything looks magical under freshly fallen snow.

  4. Robin

    Olde Solihull. I can hear the hush. An Anglophone’s dream. Glad to see the birdfeeder(s). They’ll need the seed.

    • They spend hours watching those birds. It’s a very busy garden.

      • Robin

        I can imagine. I love our birdfeeders here. I remember being in the UK and thinking that your regular ol’ backyard birds seemed jawdroppingly exotic to us. (I stop and start Escape to the Country just to ooh and ahh.) I expect if the senior Chapmans visited our feeders they’d be similarly wowed. Even your dime-a-dozen robins and ours are worlds apart. I guess the Atlantic is a bit of a bother to cross.

      • No: pre – corona they were huge travellers – and my mum especially fell completely in love with Vancouver, saying she could happily live there. They loved Canada massively.

      • Robin

        I meant the birds, actually, finding the Atlantic a bit of a bother, but chuffed to hear your parents feel that way about Vancouver and Canada. I think they’d like our Sunshine Coast, too. Next time! I’d be happy to be their guide.

  5. Pallida

    I feel like I can smell the air in this garden.

    “Listen, the snow is falling…”

  6. I want to be there, with the snow falling all about. Simply magical.

  7. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    We could use this snow here to dampen the acts of insurrection of selfish destructive hooligans against the evening shut down from 21 – 04.30 all over the Netherlands! They even attack hospitals and burn down covid testing streets. Bicycles are not safe either; heavy firework is being thrown at people doing their job.
    Compare their ‘fate’ with 90% of the world population. Put them there and see how soon they’d be crawling back.
    And all the thrillseekers and irresponsible media maddies who follow them blindly just out for kicks …
    Yes we need this snow to bury all of this and emerge chastened and grateful for our privileged life!!

  8. Jools

    What a lovely picture. My favourite thing about proper snow is it makes everything so quiet and still. However, Hannah & I made a really huge and wierd looking snowman by accident and he was in our front garden staring at us creepily for 3 days. We were so relieved when he melted and fell over in the night (his head came off and rolled away – scary face still intact!). More snow to come this weekend I think.

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