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  1. Such beautiful photos!! I adore plum blossoms and wish we had some in our yard. The flowers would definitely help to put me in a Springtime mood.

  2. Robin

    For real? This time of year? I’m in awe.

    It’s a drag, this shitty time. Hope this trip started a turnaround for you.

  3. Katy

    These are getting ready to pop in southeastern Virginia as well and the witch hazel too!

  4. AmyD

    What a lovely, arresting first photo. Spring exists! Enjoy the scent of those blossoms and a relaxing break!

    • It was actually a hideously stressful mad dash out of the house because of workmen in our house ( two hours away by almost empty train but I couldn’t come up with anywhere else to flee to).

      Very nice though.

  5. Spring, glorious Spring!
    Dawn’s promising skies
    Petals on a pool drifting
    Imagine these
    in one pair of eyes
    and this is my beloved!!!!
    Oh geez, I really am turning into my mom warbling a 1953 tune from Kismet in full soprano in front of my iMac. Thank you for the gorgeous pics! It has been an unseasonably warm here in Nepal – we usually have 1-2 light frosts in January but none so far. The neighbor’s plum tree has not bloomed yet and nor has the Chinese Tree of Heaven across the road. My turnips & radishes are bolting though.
    Hope all is well with you & yours!

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