Smelling perfumes from glass jars is always a sensory excitement – you get the full panorama. And yesterday, at Nose Shop in Yokohama, I had one of the most thrilling ‘headspace’ experiences I have had in a long while.

Tuileries Palais Royal is a ‘fragrant mist’ that smells PRECISELY like the inside of new tulip heads and just bloomed blue hyacinths; totally photorealistic, natural ; like being in a flower shop or garden.

With one note only, the scent eventually just fades to a pale, forget-me-not blue hyacinth scent that brings back happy memories of being at my grandmother’s house, but for all lovers of the hyacinthine – this retails for only 35 Euros – niche packaging, but nice pricing – this could be used as a fascinating ‘top up’ tulip and hyacinth note for last minute arrangements and flower transformations.


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  1. Tara C

    Wow, this sounds fantastic! Wish I could smell it. Will go have a whiff of SL Bas de Soie just to imagine it.

    • But Bas De Soie has that silvery weird musk lying underneath it that always prevented me from buying it. This is hyacinth hyacinth – with live tulip. I was amazed and shouted to d – GOD : come and smell this ! He said ‘it’s just like being in a florist’. The glass bell jar really accentuated that delightfully cold effect.

      Definitely worth seeking out at this price. I saw the candle had sold out at Nordstrom’s – it is perfect for this time of year.

      • Tara C

        Yes, but aside from Chamade, Bas de Soie is the only hyacinth scent I have… I had no idea this was available as a candle at Nordstroms, I never even heard of this brand.

      • Quite under the radar. I think it is Nose Shop’s one concession to non-elite prices ; they all strike me as good quality and I like the bottles too.

        I wonder if Tuileries Palais-Royal would layer with Chamade ? I love the idea of wearing one hyacinth-centric perfume out and then revving it up with the secret bulb-fresh blue just before meeting someone.

      • Tara C

        I see the candle is also sold out at Beautyhabit, but they have the spray for $49. Unfortunately no time to order before I leave…

  2. Do tulips also smell like Asian pear to you? That was my recent experience.

  3. Robin

    My. That sounds good. I like the idea of bumping up the hyacinth quotient and adding some hyper-reality. I can see it working with Metal that might be a bit tired around the edges, or even a perfectly fine one. Love that note. Hey, and I see Kerzon does a mimosa soliflore. I bet that would be worth trying, too.

    • Yes – I need to go back and check. The mimosa was more expensive I think; I am quite taken with the concept of these cheaper colognes.

      The whole thing is not ideal though in truth – in a burgeoning pandemic- taking your masks off etc with other shoppers in a tiny space , I feel we have been risk taking again. And the Japanese government USELESS right now; pathetically ineffectual.





  4. Kerzon makes some amazing candles and home fragrances, so I am not at all surprised that the fragrances would be wonderful as well.
    I really hope you will get the vaccine soon. It troubles me how lax Japan is will rolling it out. Guess they don’t want it to interfere with the Olympics…the idiots.

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