‘A bit like the minty chewing gum breath of a cowboy as he rakes out a horse stall…..ZEYBEK + BATTANIYE by PEKJI (2015) + CUIR GALAMANTE by PARFUMS MDCI (2013) + SHUKRAN by MEO FUSCIUNI (2017)

Today, though – we are going out – I have selected for him the amazing Cuir Garamante by MDCI, a perfume that I have not properly tried before : underwhelming but very gentle and full in its virility, this is a powdery balsamic sandalwood with a touch of oud and labnamum that has the most beautiful sillage. Quietly elegant – with a hint of sweat.


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11 responses to “‘A bit like the minty chewing gum breath of a cowboy as he rakes out a horse stall…..ZEYBEK + BATTANIYE by PEKJI (2015) + CUIR GALAMANTE by PARFUMS MDCI (2013) + SHUKRAN by MEO FUSCIUNI (2017)

  1. Oooo! Some interesting masculines. Amazing fragrances coming out of Turkish houses these days. Wished mainstream houses would make more scents like these rather than the tired freshie & fougere templates.
    Today, I am wearing a preparation of Tibetan deer musk grains (the real deal) macerated in Mysore sandalwood oil. I have never knowingly experienced real deer musk so was quite interested when a local lama had it on offer. Uff. This is way too macho for me. Feel like I’m in a mens’ locker room or a 70s singles’ bar. BEEFCAKE!

    • I am fascinated by how the real musk – which I have never smelled – and the sandalwood might smell.

      Please save a drop for me in case we meet up here some time.

      Re the non fougeres, Shukran would make an excellent popular release. Two unused ingredients – lemongrass and spearmint, fused in an interesting, sexy . I would love to encounter kids about town smelling like that.

  2. I love Meo Fusciuni’s perfumes and at first was hesitant to try the Shukran, but when I did, I ended up loving it and count it among my very favorite Meo perfumes.

  3. Robin

    Good heavens, dear Neil, that Cuir Garamante sounds so good.

    The others sound interesting indeed but certainly not blind buys. I love the way you’ve described them (but then, I always do).

    • This made me physically punch the glass face of my phone yesterday because all the technology was being such a c***. inTOLERABLE. Our internet is down right now so I can only do reviews on my phone which is beyond words in terms of frustration: I had to take photos of paragraphs – which I couldn’t even edit, not even correcting the spelling mistake in the NAME of the MDCI – AAAAAAAAGH

      – anyway, I was thinking specifically of you and a certain man in the woods; all of these have potential (how do you feel about spearmint?)

      Yesterday I had a lesson in overdoing it. I was wearing far too much vintage Diorella, and D had on too much Cuir Garamante, making the oudh facet more prominent and the seams more visible ( I just smelled putresecent).

      But a little of the Dior on the back of the hand Ayer work is heaven; likewise, one spray of the Cuir is DIVINE. Not up close – but at social distancing levels the perfect manly santal

  4. Robin

    Ric has destroyed two laptops. I mean, deliberately. I know he took his axe to one of them. He may have smashed the other against the stick shift of his F150.

    I was thinking that you might have been thinking about Ric. I do believe he’s the perfume world’s equivalent of a fashion designers’ Veruschka. He makes anything and everything smell as good as the perfumers wanted it to.

    I like Herba Fresca and Nuit Etoilee and Ric does too, so mint is fine by us.

    • Veruschka ! Too good.
      I know the kind of skin model you mean : my brother is a bit like that ( but would never make Vol De Nuit smell the way it does on me; I have my more specific epiphanies).

      Definitely try a sample of the Garamante.

    • PS had I been carrying an axe yesterday this phone would now be smithereens. Crap internet connection but also – I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds but – WordPress is a nightmare done on a smartphone.

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