The Perfumed Plume shortlisted finalists have been announced, and I am very pleased to be up for awards in two categories.

a picture of a pigeon I took today

I was almost absurdly prolific last year. It was as if I just couldn’t stop writing. But there was SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT. The world went insane, and so did I – so I submitted one piece celebrating The Day After – the very best day of 2020, when we finally knew that A Certain Person would no longer be polluting our every thought – I was delirious, and the OTT-ness of the post, and the perfumes that embodied that great day of victory of common sense and decency, reflected that. As a contrast, I also entered a much quieter, and more dignified reflection on a nice walk into town where we live. Whether they win or not in their respective award categories – there are some very good writers I am in company with – it is nice to be valued and understood.

Thanks also for your support and fascinating companionship during what continues to be a highly tumultuous ride. x


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  1. This line summarizes my own elation and celebration after Election Day 2020: “The world went insane, and so did I – so I submitted one piece celebrating The Day After – the very best day of 2020, when we finally knew that A Certain Person would no longer be polluting our every thought – I was delirious.”

    I don’t know about you, but I still carry around PTS, and even as I cheer up on better times ahead, I know the dark forces that pulled the US and the World into high tech irrationality on the wings of Twitter, are just waiting to start up again.

  2. emmawoolf

    In a tumultuous year (understatement), this is good news. Well done N, and well deserved. I shall revisit these posts with a cup of tea xx

    • Xx

      The Kamakura one I was pleased with, as I felt it captured something. The other one was written would you believe BEFORE GOING TO WORK and was too much – writing it destabilized me before getting on the bus

  3. Congratulations for a much deserved job well done!

  4. Yes, they are waiting in the wings, but in the meantime it has been a pleasure to not see that red face and listen to his rhetoric every single day.

  5. Tora

    Life has been so very shitty and I am so grateful for your writing, Neil. Your articles have helped me immensely. I am proud of you and really glad you are nominated. Congratulations!!!

  6. Tara C

    Thank you for another year of interesting, inspiring and cathartic writing! Best of luck in the competition.

    • Thanks Tara. It was simultaneously cathartic and emotion reinforcing for me : sometimes I probably could have remained calmer by just reading a book. But I like documenting things in a spontaneous way, even if that leads me into weird tangents. It has been great having a community on here though – when things were unbearable it was refreshing to vent through the prism of perfume. Quite amazing really, if one were to read back through all the comments from the year.

  7. Hanamini

    Your writings have been hugely entertaining, natsukashii, and informational during a year of lockdown. The more prolific the better as far as I’m concerned! It must have taken a lot to sustain such a level of writing. Thank you, and may you win.

    • Thank you very much. I need a creative outlet to live, and this has been it. Sometimes I just think to myself oh shut up, but I am so reactive by nature, and his year has been such a maelstrom, that it has been a continuous process. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. I am delighted for you! And I have been enjoying reading some of the others shortlisted. But….no one else can do what you can do.

  9. Eureka

    Congratulations on recognition so richly deserved! May the scent of victory be yours.

  10. Robin

    If you win one or both of the awards you’re up for, it’s because you are a bloody brilliant writer and the judges had the good sense to recognize it.

    If you don’t win, it’s because they’re all eejits.

  11. Badhā’ī cha!
    (That’s congratulations in Nepali).

  12. I am so thrilled for you and wish you much luck. You are an amazing and prolific writer, and everything you write about enthralls me. Whether it is a fragrance review, a slice of life post, or a rant on the insanity of the world, you keep me clinging to each and every word. I hope they will see your mastery of turning a word and you will win both awards.

  13. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Gogogogo Black Narcissus!

    Toy toy

    The best of Dutch Luck!

    Although I must say that it’s a question of using their senses and their sense!


  14. Robin

    Congratulations! You are a wonderful writer, so vivid in your descriptions. I always look forward to reading your blog.

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