Our meeting place


May 19, 2021 · 10:47 pm

14 responses to “Our meeting place

  1. Absolutely beautiful and serene!

    • Thanks. I tried different filters – I found the greens a bit dull – but the original was best.

      On Mondays I meet here down by the lake in Hachimangu after he finishes work. In the current ‘state of emergency ‘ – Japan has basically opted to co-exist with the virus because if they had lockdowns economic collapse would lead to suicide and mental health crises, so shops bars and restaurants have basically been open the whole time just with reduced hours – now they have banned alcohol in eateries,,to stop people from taking risks when uninhibited, but D and I, going only to empty Chinese or Indian restaurants, being British lager louts, can’t get used to these booze -free meals so have a quick can or two by the lake first. It IS quite serene, actually, just as you say. Herons, carp and turtles and kids hanging around after school.

      • Robin

        I would wonder if the psychological effects of having the virus running wild, driving up severe illness, suffering, loss of income, hospitalizations, ICU bed occupancy and deaths, would be as bad or worse as a short-term lockdown. Hmm.

        Love your meeting place, N., and all those textures of green.

      • Seriously, you preach to the CONVERTED.

        But I can’t afford mentally to go there. Trying to stage off the rage. I am majorly for the NZ response and no other- bit understand, culturally, why that couldn’t happen.


      • Your comment about suicide in Japan is interesting – from a quick bit of research I see that it is the only country where the suicide rate has risen – the BMJ tentatively ascribed this to celebrity suicides influencing young people? The metrics from other countries aren’t great though, so it may be that rates have risen amongst some groups and fallen in others, skewing the overall figure.

        These issues are highly complex, of course, but it’s interesting that Japan seems to be different.

      • What is BMJ again?

        This suicide attribution is not a general given – just my own. But I can feel it. We are honestly much lazier in the UK – being furloughed sounds like HEAVEN to me, but in a collectivist culture where work is sanctified, it is like death. Not for everyone, by any means ( decadent rebellion is alive and well in Japan, but on the whole ).

      • Filomena

        I thought the photo was beautiful and conveyed a sense of peacefulness. I live in the U.S., state of Maryland, and as of this past Monday, we were free to not wear masks if we were fully vaccinated and could go to venues and restaurants that were indoors (and outdoors of course). However, I went for almost an entire week still wearing my mask (even at the gym) when I did not have to. Perhaps the mask has become like my underwear…and that I now feel undressed without it having had to wear it for so long. So for the first time since the Pandemic, I went to the gym without my mask (even though I have at least two in my purse, 25 in my car and 25 at work, but I got through my workout without the mask. So now when I look in the mirror, I say to myself: who in the hell is that unmasked woman? Beats me.

      • I was thinking about this earlier, actually. Will we even WANT to not wear masks now? In my case, I can get away with having a beard for work, which is how I personally have to look. I can’t imagine having to be shaven and having my entire face exposed. I think it might take a bit of getting used to, so many things, but how fantastic that you are somewhat getting back to normal again. I can’t tell you how much I want the vaccine myself as I never feel safe, and permanently under threat having to be be out in the world. That is why it is nice to meet D somewhere so tranquil where we can avoid people before going out for dinner.

  2. Asia seems to be having a bit of a wet Spring this year. (I see the grey sky over the lush greens in your photo.) It has been an unseasonably Monsoon-like drizzle this Himalayan May. Normally it alternates between scorchingly sunny mornings and vicious (but brief) thundery afternoon squalls here in Nepal.
    Suicides have been a big problem due to financial distress in Nepal. The government takes no notice or prevention. I am shocked that the Nepali government has made no effort towards its citizens to alleviate the economic problems whatsoever- no delay in taxes, no food rations distributed- nothing.I see people foraging for food here daily now, pigeon peas, fiddleheads, nettles, dock, mallow, purslane, etc. My garden is picked bare as I let neighbors in to pick flowers for pujas and they help themselves to whatever else they find.
    A brisk lager paired with a fiery curry sounds delicious on a rainy day. Make mine a pale and bitterly hoppy Pilsner with a peppery Chettinad-style mutton kuzhambu!

  3. Such a serene and peaceful image. It belies the angst that imust be going on over there continuously these days. I really hope things will come together and vaccinations will increase and not move at such a snails pace.

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