full moon at kitakamakura


May 25, 2021 · 10:50 pm

12 responses to “full moon at kitakamakura

  1. Tara C

    Lovely! Here it is overcast & rainy.

  2. Robin

    Perfectly composed.

    • Thanks R. SLIGHTLY off and that’s why we like it.

      I was unusually spritely and energized yesterday given how hectic the day was, and then when I left school I saw it was a full moon and thought ‘ha!’

      It’s supposedly superstitious nonsense but I generally do have an extra manic edge on these lunar days.

      Any thoughts ?

      • Robin

        My mother worked as an RN in the Emergency Admitting department of Vancouver General Hospital. She said you could tell when there was a full moon without checking the sky or the calendar because they’d be twice as busy. At least. Accidents, assaults, attempted suicides, crazy reckless ideas going bad, everything. I wouldn’t have believed a full moon could do that but this is just plain fact — from my completely un-superstitious mom.

      • Tara C

        My mother was a nurse too and she claimed the same thing. It must be true.

      • Robin

        Just thinking about my own experience. Can’t say I’m any different on a full moon, but then again I’m not generally prone to having manic edges, being mostly boringly even-keeled.

  3. The Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse (say that five times fast!) on May 26 will push us to explore new heights in our individual journeys towards personal freedom. Smudging your physical space, cleaning and organizing your home and taking purification baths during this time are also highly recommended. (Or so says my astrologer in California.)
    Lovely photo, I took a similar misty pic through the leaves of the neighbors’ banana tree. Lets hope humanity takes this planetary boost to course correct.

  4. All of this that everyone has written here is extraordinarily interesting. In my case, I don’t find out that it is a full moon until I see it late in the evening after leaving work, so I have no way of knowing there will be one (most of the time literally not even knowing what the date is); really often though it corresponds with a surge in manic energy, a kind of mercurial quality – which must be what makes so many electrified things happen. I am fascinated by your mothers’ observations, Robin and Tara. It’s like astrological signs – ostensibly, logically probably a load of toss, but in my personal life experience, often observably correct.

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