Stressful times need calming perfumes. And in summer I need green.

I came home the other night to find a beautiful extrait of the classic Antilope, by furrier brothers Weil, a floral aldehyde with an unusually bright grassy drydown like nothing else, sitting on the kitchen table. D had found it at an antiques place in Kamakura he had never ventured into before (they had a box of old perfumes I will need to go and investigate at the earliest opportunity).

I have said everything I needed to say about this perfume in my primary review, but I just thought that I would share with you the treasure.


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  1. Tara C

    Wow, what a lovely bottle! How nice of D to pick that up for you. I was just eyeing my decant of Parfum d’Empire Corsica Furiosa, my favourite green scent. Green scents are not usually my thing, but I do like that one and Amouage Myths woman. It hasn’t really bern warm enough here to reach for it yet but temps should rise next week.

    • I like Parfums D’Empire green scents too; there is something soft and prismatic about them. D has Eau De Gloire, another Napoleonic aromatic that is quite suggestively erotic.

  2. Robin

    Just went delirious with happiness for you and adoration for that man of yours. I’m so in love with Antilope. Hadn’t thought about it for awhile but I’m going to go and put some on. There’s a quiet magnificence about that perfume, the way it melds with human skin in the most gentle, beastial way, in the sense of satisfying sensual desires.

    I find Antilope impossible to find these days, especially in parfum. Love you, dear D. Getting gifts from Ric, large or small (I love small and frequent and thoughtful) is the very best feeling. This gift is small at 7ml and yet gigantic.

  3. How wonderfully thoughtful of D!
    Antilope is one of those magical scents that only comes along once in a lifetime. There is nothing else quite like it, and I truly doubt there will ever be anything else ever made like it again. I treasure my bottle. Wear it in the best of health always, and let it bring you respite from the insanity of the world.

    • A lovely way of putting it.

      I definitely save this scent for exactly the kind of days you describe. There is something very benevolent and protective about it

    • By the way I must also say that none of this remotely compares to how I would have felt in the UK or US with all the mask refusal. Not opening windows through lazy oblivion is not as bad as aggressive bull dogs barking corona in one’s face.

      UK : half the population of Japan, and both islands -nine times more deaths.

      US : three times the population or thereabouts, forty times the deaths. And so much more space..It’s basically all masks.

  4. What a treasure! Do tell us what else you find when you go explore that box!

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