front garden photographs sent by parents inducing homesickness


August 9, 2021 · 12:03 am

12 responses to “front garden photographs sent by parents inducing homesickness

  1. Tara C

    It looks idyllic. I want to be there right now.

  2. How lovely…I can understand why you would be homesick.

    • It’s funny. All I want to be is at home in Kamakura on the balcony with D. Neither of us have any desire to travel anywhere. At the same time, seeing my parents’ house at sunset did give me a big pang last night. By the time we get to go back to England it will probably have been three and a half years..

      What a strange time it has been.

  3. matty1649

    Beautiful garden. No wonder you feel homesick.

    • My mum especially lives for the garden and my dad does the lawn etc. it would be lovely to be there in summertime with a few cans of cider.

      • Robin

        Cans? I would have pictured nice rustic bottles from the local organic cidery. But I probably have been watching too many reruns of Escape to the Country.

        Your mum and dad’s garden looks like something straight out of Vancouver. We’ve got the same climate, except for our much drier summers. Lovely.

  4. Hanamini

    What a beautiful photo. Somewhere in the shires? Was that sunrise or sunset?

  5. I would be in absolute heaven if I were there. I can see why you would be homesick, I feel homesick to be there, and it’s not even my home.

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