This has been getting a lot of kitchen dancing traction recently on vinyl. The Narcissus legend set to a laconic neo 70’s stringbeat.

Thank goodness for music and all the private pleasures these last few harrowing eighteen months.


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9 responses to “( DISCO ) NARCISSUS

  1. Music has gotten me through many things in my life. I love it so much…even more than perfume, if that’s possible!

  2. I always have time for Róisín Murphy. Love this song.

  3. Love it!!!! I have adored her since ages ago in Moloko!! This is truly the only way to deal with things during these times. Love her new album, it really hits a sweet spot.
    I get my funk on regularly and boogie down to some tight grooves. I just let loose and flail around in a most cathartic way. It really helps to release all the stress, and anxiety. I still listen to Moloko, “The time is now” and just let loose all the time!

    • YES!

      I was watching the Familiar Feeling video the other day, and the way all that flamenco builds up in that London dance hall is just incredible. Private dancing is the best – I do miss clubbing and being with friends, but am just as happy to dance at home with Duncan or alone. For me, it is the essence of the joy of living.

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