I am enjoying this discontinued gem as a work scent so much at the moment that both D and my parents are giving my bottles for my birthday. It might be boring; nondescript – but I like it. A floral green with a blackcurrant undertow, I float along with my grapefruit hand balm in pocket and know that I smell good.

It also coincides nicely with the release of the film House Of Gucci, which looks so hilariously bad I don’t know if I will be able to resist going the cinema to see it .

(this review had me in stitches this morning).

As for Gucci Rush 2, I have written about this before, in one of my most mind-bending pieces (just look up “Memory Pod”, if you have the time and inclination).


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12 responses to “THE SCENT OF MY WEEK : : : : GUCCI RUSH 2 (2001)

  1. I soooo want to see House of Gucci! It sounds like hilarious camp. I had no idea it was 2.5 hours long???? The outfits & the wigs are enough entertainment for me. I fear the Millennials & Gen Z are going to make us suffer a decade of rehashed 70s & 80s fashion and home decor due to this film though. Polyester pantsuits with contrast stitching here we come!
    Gucci Bloom is one of the few contemporary florals I love.

  2. Keen to see the film even it’s crap.

  3. Robin

    Thank you, thank you, for linking us to that terrific review. I’m sure I’d have the identical reaction to House of Gucci. I loved “(Adam Driver, also Russian)”. Brilliant dry writing. I’m afraid camp and I don’t see eye to eye. But those clothes! That was my era, the formative years!

    You know, though, I’d never run across any of the Gucci fragrances during that time here in Canada. Not sure if they were available and I just overlooked them at the fragrance counter, or what. I have some of them now, the notorious discontinued semi-masterpieces found at flea markets, and wear them when I want to channel Sophia Loren. Italian houses have a distinctive vibe, don’t they? Either operatic, like old Gianni Versace, or rather botanical, like SMN. I like both.

  4. Wild Gardener

    That’s Yves Saint Laurent, no?

  5. Wild Gardener

    Oh, yeah, I missed seing the mask, it’s just normal in Paris.
    It’s a YSL lookalike…

  6. Katherine

    Might be one of my most favorite scents of all time. I adore it.

  7. I want to see this movie so badly, but I will have to wait until it is on a streaming service; no theatre for me. I just want to see it for Lady Gaga, and Adam Driver is pretty great as well.
    It is funny, I recall liking Gucci Rush, but I cannot (for the life of me) remember what Rush 2 smells like. Your review painted a wonderful picture, but I can’t recall it. I know we sold it in Sephora while I was working there, but I do not have a scent memory of it.
    I am happy it is bringing you such joy, as the weather becomes more moody and grey.

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