Is there any escape?

It is everywhere.

Rampant in all of the schools that my students go to.

I will take all the usual precautions, but psychologically, I feel a warm slide towards……………….

— it now feels inevitable.


January 28, 2022 · 10:55 pm


  1. Robin

    Understandable. Just don’t let that feeling infect your thinking. I suspect that’s one of the reasons the world is where it is. The F It Factor. Several friends came down with Covid shortly after Christmas. They’d said, F it, it’s been two years since we had a proper turkey dinner and been together with family, we’re just going to go for it. Two had mild symptoms. One got very sick. Double vaxxed and boosted and your age. And who knows how many people they, in turn, inadvertently spread their omicron to. The ripple effect is more like a tidal wave, potentially.

    The exact wrong time to bow to the “inevitable,” my dear N. Perspective: you’re in Japan. It could be worse. Much worse. You could be in . . . Well, almost anywhere else.

    Sorry to lecture, but my Auntie Robin instincts are kicking in and telling me that a firm matronly talking to is what is needed!

    • Nothing matronly here : just pure clarity and common sense.

      I do understand the F it factor – although I am still opening windows ( if less avidly ).

      It’s just that it is the exponential / fivefold daily increases etc ( mainly spread from the US bases where the military do whatever they please – maskless etc – and walking around towns because there is no Japanese jurisdiction over them) mean that it literally is everywhere, and I don’t have the spiritual capacity to be permanently stressed out anymore.

      Thanks for the warning though : the Christmas party is a perfect illustration.

      Vigilance shall proceed

      • I’m sorry to hear about the disgusting US military behavior that you are subject too, but certainly not surprised. Still can’t wrap my brain around how too many Americans assume that their personal “freedoms’ extend to being entitled to making someone else sick because they don’t want to wear a mask. This uncivilized, anti-social behavior, is mind-boggling and makes it easy for any of us to feel powerless.

      • Hypocritically though, I have to admit that on Christmas Eve we went down to Yokosuka, participating in the insanity.

        No one was masked.

        We danced anyway.

  2. Robin

    P.S. As my dear Granny Bullen would say, darling: its always darkest before the dawn.

  3. OnWingsofSaffron

    “I will take all the usual precautions”, there you are! You’ve said it: you are not throwing caution to the wind. On the contrary, you will take all necessary precautions. Therefore, I find it an absolutely reasonable stance to acquaint oneself with the idea that at some point you will get Covid. It is near impossible not to. Why not think rationally about what you’ll want to do in that case: whom to inform; what you’ll want to do at home; if it is more than mild symptoms which doctor to call etc.

    • Definitely.

      I have no fear of headache, fever, malaise, aches – only intubation, but that seems to be exceedingly rare now as the death rate is negligible here – lots of treatments available etc.

      We get the boosters on 4/4.

      How is it in Germany ?

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        How is it in Germany: so so.
        At this omicron moment, (with a population of 80 million) we are looking at 190.000 infections per day. Soon, it will rise to say 40-thousand per day. The 7-day incidence of new infections has risen to over 1.000.
        Just about 75% of the population have received both vaccinations, and over 50% have received the 3rd vaccination (booster).
        And: Over 117.000 persons have died since the beginning of the outbreak.

  4. To let go, either we move on or move on to worse…

    • So what is your own stance ?

      • Move on and start developing a sense of resilience, instead of fear.

      • We don’t know each other, and you might have just strayed here unaware of anything written in the past, but I do definitely think that quite a lot of resilience has been shown on this blog – it’s ostensibly about perfume but has also encompassed a great deal more and so far we have lived to tell the tale. Definitely not just fearful.

        But I admit: the whole thing has been stressful and at times quite terrifying, for a huge variety of reasons.

        At the same time, yes: bring on the mthrfcking resilience

      • I am a relatively new reader. I have enjoyed your work. My comments were meant in general (society and certain subsections of people) and not an indictment of sorts.

        The virus and what it brings made work bizarre. Life too. It has been a weird whirlwind instead of making sense. I just wish it could have brought people together.

        (I am a student of the fragrance subject. I do like that you encompass a little bit more). Continue to “rock”.

      • I certainly will.

        And I agree about wanting it all to bring people together. In my workplace here it actually has, in a way. There is a certain camaraderie and none of the furt

  5. It is inevitable, always was.
    As soon as I saw the R0 of Covid was initially estimated to be about 2 by WHO in March 2020 and it spread by air – I knew it had already spread around the world and no containment efforts would stop it. All we could hope for was that it would mutate to a less lethal form. Luckily, that seems to have happened.
    Most South Asians don’t believe in Germ Theory, (sickness is considered to be spiritual and dietary in cause) and therefore hygiene is usually theater if not outright ignored. So I knew it would run rampant through the population once seeded. And it did, thankfully taking its time to bear its full brunt. But of course, South Asia did not use that time to prepare and learn from other countries’ experience with the virus. Thus, disaster ensued cross Nepal and India May of 2020.
    I decided to preempt Covid nutritionally starting 2020, so I added extra zinc, quercetin, & vitamin D to my usual vitamin regimen. I also started taking my temperature every morning to try to catch it early. All my effort seems to have worked as I confirmed (by test) immediately I had Covid in October 2020 when I found I had an elevated temperature 2 days in a row. Thankfully, it was a mild case. Now that I’ve had the J&J, I am assured any future cases of Omicron will be mild also.

  6. I will rail against this disease until it is contained!! I don’t feel getting it, at least for us, Is inevitable. We have taken all precautions, we have myriad protective gear, even a PAPR (Powered air purifying respirator) to wear if one of us really needs to go out. It cost over a $1000 US, but it is worth it.
    Never give in and just accept that things seem “inevitable”, that is why we are where we are.
    Just stay safe and keep those windows open!! Oh, and make sure you have a proper mask, not a cloth one, those do not do much of anything to protect.

    • You are right, Brielle.

      But my circumstances do make me feel much more inevitability about the whole thing. I can either not work, or work and be surrounded by it. Seeing that I have been having serious blood pressure issues (which are more linked to stress than actual heart problems I think), I literally just can’t allow myself to go into Hyper-Chapman mode any more. I can only ‘soldier on’, almost pretending it isn’t there.

      The good new is that we are getting our boosters very soon, hopefully : from the beginning of March I have a month off so can avoid it totally – by then hopefully Omicron will have tailed off a bit and then come spring we can get back to some kind of normal.

      I am glad you have invested in all this equipment. I do agree that if possible WE REALLY DON’T NEED THIS SHIT.

      • Am so thrilled you will be having a month off. At least that will give you a break from it all. I do understand how hard it is not to go into full Hyper- Chapman mode, I feel I am in it every time I’ve had to go to an appointment, which I haven’t done in a while now.
        I guess soldiering on is the only way you can do it though. At least everyone there wears masks, unlike the troglodytes around here.
        If people would just follow protocols we wouldn’t have to deal with all this.
        Just be safe.

      • ‘troglodytes’!

        laughing out loud on the train home xxx

      • My favorite word to describe them.

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