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11 responses to “…. TO WORLD WAR 3

  1. Robin

    I hope to hell not.

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    I am absolutely devastated! I am battling trying to make sense of all of this! It is the year 2022, and Russia launches a full-scale invasion. Both Russia and the Ukraine experienced the most horrendous losses in WWII—and now this: war! I cannot believe it, and I am absolutely frightened. What if a nuclear war is started?! It is a nightmare.

  3. Linda

    I am sitting here, unable to sleep and watching all of this playing out in real time on my TV screen…..totally surreal. I feel numb and helpless. I’m just wondering when China will jump into the fray. I still believe that most people want harmony and peace, despite all of THIS.

  4. And just after we all convinced Ukraine to give their nukes back to Russia, THIS happens. Fat chance we’ll ever convince Iran to ever give up their nukes after this fiasco.
    Just spoke to an internet pal in Poland, ATMs are empty and no petrol at the pumps.

  5. It is horrifying what is happening.

  6. I have been in agony since Russia invaded Ukraine. I am just beyond worried.

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