Today was quite problematic ( aren’t most days ?)……………………… but in many ways, extremely enjoyable.

The scent in question : Hermes Vetiver Tonka


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  1. Helen

    omg so happy for you!! enjoy these moments, I’m actually taking my first trip since 2019, full of anxiety but also extremely excited!

    • Sounds great.

      I empathize – I was a bit nervous going to this actually : out of practice socializing with new people but the weather was GLORIOUS and it actually did end up being really fun.

      And a couple of gay guys were slightly swooning over the scent of my Vetiver Hermes so maybe I was right to wear it after all.

      Bon Voyage !

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    I once smelled some Omani rosewater (Jabal Shams area) which had a distinctive—and quite frankly ghastly—smell of charcoal BBQ plus a tiny drop of rosewater. Perhaps that‘s the eau du choix?
    Apart from that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves!

    • That DOES sound ghastly.

      And I am not even sure what I was writing with this one as I was totally drunk ( d was out upstairs and the host passed out – maybe that’s what I meant as being problematic – how did we get so wasted ?)

      – or maybe it was the pointlessness of wearing expensive perfume when you are just going to get covered in meat smoke anyway.

      We had a really good time though : a New Zealand writer and his Japanese wife yes THAT’s what was problematic : the fact that there was almost no mingling : the pink gaijin getting sunburnt in the garden larking around, and all the J-ladies stuck inside avoiding the sun ( and us ?)

      It felt a little segregated.

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        At least the dog seems pretty chilled—

      • Yes – Coco-chan

        She sat on my lap for quite a while for a chihuahuatastic stroking session – I quite enjoyed it ( and she didn’t stink, which is one thing I often hold against the canines )

  3. Nonsense, there’s a perfume for everything! Including that cute doggy.
    I break out my fave California hippy scents for outdoor festivities like BBQs- Aveda Love, Lush Breath of God, or the lovely sandalwood & copal attar I picked up at a Santa Cruz street fair in 1990.
    Vetiver & tonka sounds equally earthy & scrummy!

  4. Looks like it was a fabulous day. There is reason for fragrance at every situation, that is my mantra.

    • Definitely. But it wasn’t Vetiver Tonka, which is quite clearly an indoor, nuzzly fragrance and was wasted in all that foul meat smoke! (I don’t actually like barbecues all that much in truth)

      • That’s too bad. I’m not a barbecue lover either. I don’t mind eating it at a restaurant occasionally, but I detest going to them at a person’s house.

      • I think that ‘post’ (?) pandemic, it was just so refreshing to be able to be invited to a person’s actual party that I was almost delighted to be hit by the smoke for the sheer humanity of it!

      • I know what you mean. We are so looking forward to eventually doing “things” again. Eventually we will as well. I would even enjoy a barbecue as well.

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