a gardenia in my pocket

i am having one of those weeks where i am of no use to anyone and just want desperately to be alone

at lunchtime i went to a park and picked the most beautiful smelling gardenia

it sounds contrived but i forgot

and later i was confused, wondering where it was coming from

but these ¥1000 notes are totally infused with the smell of one flower


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11 responses to “a gardenia in my pocket

  1. Hanamini

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Funnily enough I am wearing Isabey’s Gardenia today. It’s rich and creamy. Haven’t tried many others. May you feel better soon. At least you have money and gardenia in your pocket.

    • Thanks H: I am just a bit burnt out – pre-evaluation, I now just feel like hiding really badly – but the scent of the gardenia is EXQUISITE.

      Don’t quite understand why, if the perfume can seep into my money, why an enfleurage extract like jasmine, is not more widely used

  2. The fragrance of gardenia always reminds me of the backyard of my old home in Hong Kong. Stay well and better By the way, I just came back from London last week. I totally fall in love with the gardens and parks over there.

  3. My mom’s favorite flower! We always had them on our yard in California. Enfleurage.com makes a gorgeous gardenia enfleurage that’s reasonably priced (Luca Turin agrees).

  4. Hopefully things have improved since this post. Gardenias tend to make everything around them smell so lush and elegant. I truly adore them.

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