The only paradox being that nothing has changed since Lancôme Hypnose.


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18 responses to “PARADOXE by PRADA (2022)

  1. emmawoolf

    Ha! You mean this is not the new Chanel no 19? You really had me there. (Excellent fun to go perfume browsing with you in Jarrolds yesterday. I forgot Space NK…) xx

  2. The only Paradoxe I like is the one from the 80s, by Pierre Cardin. That is a truly sublime Paradoxe.
    Shame on Prada for reusing the name of a vintage scent, and making it uninspiring at best.

  3. I actually liked this one! It reminded me of the OG Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique, but without the skank. I’ve definitely smelled worse!

    • Definitely : I got the JPG reference immediately too.

      I sprayed some in the bathroom at D’s parents’ house and Daphne liked it immediately.

      It’s just …. not original enough AND NOT REMOTELY CONTRADICTORY

  4. A very interesting thought actually.

    The same thing but with kerosene and red thyme in the top ?

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