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N had his midweek encounter with a preying mantis and so we’ve been a little in awe and terror of them; with their ominous martial prowess and camouflaging tendencies, they are indeed a formidable insect. And researching them this evening threw up all kind of magical and petallic ingenuity. Witness: the orchid mantis

I wore a unnameable (as yet unreleased) scent today; a sweet masculine tobacco that was moderately pleasing – a little too sweet and almondy to my nose but certainly interesting.

Sitting in the launderette in Ofuna after a delicious Indian/Nepali meal – the boss is away in Nepal right now and the staff have blossomed in terms of gregariousness and personality which led to an entirely different experience of the restaurant; perhaps less efficient but rather more rounded – I rather like the dry down because the sweet marzipan aspect has disappeared and a calm has manifested itself

Speaking of which, observe the mantis, majestic and delicate (yet ominous) careening over the lake on top of a turtle or a frog


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7 responses to “THE ORCHID MANTIS

  1. Renée Stout

    What a beautiful creature! Just when the ugliness of the world starts to get to you, you see something like this and you marvel at the world again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wonder how things might have been different if the pink one instead of the regular green one had visited? It is quite gorgeous.

  3. That really is a gorgeous creature.

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