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7 responses to “LE NARCISSE BLEU

  1. I can’t remember what this smells like, and I did go out and smell it after I read your review ages ago. Is it still available??

  2. carole

    Funny you chose to write about this-I have a huge bottle, and the shower gel, and found two soaps on a discount site this week. Something about this scent reminds me of my grandfather’s barn-in a good way. I love it, and loved your description of it:)

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    I bought it several years ago on your recommendation.
    It is my summer scent. I feel cool and aloof from the glare of the sun in this. And yet present.

  4. Wonderful to read this tonight. Agree with your motives for writing this way and glad you keep yourself free and write exactly the way you want. Perfume and its associations, insights and sensualities.

  5. Robin

    This duo, current scent and bath gel, is in my bathroom for guests to enjoy. Edgy but accessible. I’d love to experience the original formulation. That bottle drives me crazy, it’s so graphic and super-structured yet wild.

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