We are having a day in the Yamate area of Yokohama; passing by the Foreigner’s Cemetery. I just took this picture of a glass container being lit by the afternoon sun : it almost feels like it could be a perfume advert.


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11 responses to “PERFUME OF THE DEAD

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    And the name of the perfume is
    A jamais
    By La Maison d’Usher II
    Obligatory Notes:

  2. A very 70s perfume advert.

  3. A very beautiful one, from the late 60s

  4. Hanamini

    That’s a stunning photo indeed. The bottle, but then the shafts of light, the fronds, the planes—-and that strange figure on the gravestone!

  5. That is exquisite and surreal.

  6. Interesting. I just came back from Boston and visited one of the oldest cemeteries in the US. By the way, I like strolling in the cemetery.

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