Cherry Oud is a perfect example of a perfume I think is done extremely well but detest. I love cherry – anything cherry; I really love it badly and actually thought that the unjarring segue from delicious, dripping cherry to rich, perfectly decent quality oud and leather in a perfectly Guerlain modern manner was very impressive in this perfume when I tried it excitedly for the first time ; for a few seconds, as I crossed the busy boulevard in Shinjuku outside Isetan last Saturday, ‘I lived’.

Yet I really regret having sprayed this ridiculously expensive, horrible thing and inserting it into the top pocket of my coat: it has bothered me – intensely – all week; I can’t have that end accord anywhere near me, and am now going to have to put several items that this scent has been contaminated with directly into the washing machine several times for a long cycle.


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19 responses to “CHERRY OUD by GUERLAIN (2022)

  1. Joan Gillies

    Never been able to get over trying a mentholated cherry Tunes circa 1971.
    Thank goodness for washing machines.

  2. Thanks for saving me some money!

    • JulienFromDijon

      Same here 😀 I expected a positive review of “Cherry oud”. I’m glad to have my lemming killed.

      I’m not that surprised about the derogatory review, though. When I saw the ad for “Cherry oud” for the first time, it had “Tom ford” written large all over it. I still have to try “Rose chérie”, which is said to be the former “elixir charnel ~french kiss” but with better ingredient (a peony effect), and maybe some cherry and red berries in it too. Guerlain has mercilessly discontinued my favorites perfumes from its exclusive line. It’s quite of a sad view, now.

      Fun fact, some old “parfum de toilette” versions of “Nahéma” smell positively of black cherry. It’s the bad, but oh so good version. You usually want a dark rose on a lasting carnation accord, with Nahéma, so receiving a good black cherry is distracting. The extrait of “La petite robe noire” was nice for that too, but in the other direction : the cherry is given more dark roses, orris, and the depth of a good red wine -say, a burgundy one-. (a transparent fractioned patchouly?)

      The cherry aroma, in perfume, can very easily become sickly.

      I have not that much example of perfume cherry in mind. I enjoy “Rahat loukhoum” from Lutens, though I’m never really wearing it. The former “vapo tout noir” 2x30ml version is the most easy and affordable way to get it. (And in this version, the spray vials are re-usable).

    • It’s perfectly done but also so DRAB somehow

  3. Ah, how many intoxicating openings have lured us into the suffocating dens of disappointing, long-lasting drydowns! Will be careful to keep this one at a distance if I get to smell it.

    • Those deadly dry downs that grate on the nerves and you must scrub away : the cherry beginning here is luscious and morphs seamlessly with the roses and oud

      Think is, I F HATE now and just can’t handle it any more

  4. Wow, yes this happens. It sounds like the opening cherry was incredibly good but the oud/mystery base was of some variety of incompatible. So sorry it treated you this way. Especially after starting out so well, what a bad romance. It could have been so great.

  5. The ad & the presentation are such shameless ripoffs of Tom Ford. Is this what luxury perfume has festered into, LVMH and Estee Lauder duping each other?
    So much can go wrong in dry downs & base notes. Woods, resins, and musks can quickly veer into obnoxiousness.
    No trace of the signature vanillic guerlainade?
    I think Malle is the new Guerlain. Look to Malle for unique and brilliant luxury scents while Guerlain goes overpriced mainstream. Or maybe Patricia Nicolaï with her Nicolaï brand will carry on the family tradition?

    • I see your point.

      Definitely a TF/ish departure, more glossy and glam ( especially Oud Nude, which really doesn’t seem Guerlainish at all).

      There are so many Guerlains out right now, it is total overload, but I still want to try all of them. I actually think this is good; the musky, mellow oud leather soft base is perfectly good I just HATE IT

  6. Wild Gardener

    Did I get that right?
    You wore Cherry Aid and didn’t like it?

  7. Wild Gardener

    Yes, it should have been Cherryade; which might have been worse – maybe…

  8. I am so sorry you had to experience this. I have to be honest, I really have no desire to experience these three new “oud” concoctions of Guerlain, or any of their other modern offerings. I am more than happy with their vintage stock, whatever I can get, and enjoy that. I just don’t have faith in them any longer. Nothing has caught my attention from them since Winter Delice in 2000. Sad, I truly wish they would regain their glory.

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