We had friends over the other night for a pre-Christmas party.

Staying in the guest bedroom / perfume office, one of them emerged, while we were watching a film in the other room, so fragrantly resplendent I actually screamed.


“I’m not sure.

Let me look again..

“One of them was something called…..

///\\ ..Antonia?

“The other one was – I don’t know, you have so many I just sniffed round and grabbed the ones I liked..

.was it ‘Bubblegum Chic‘?…..?”


(there had been quite a lot of wine)

But… But..

You smell INCREDIBLE! !!! I would never have thought of wearing those two together.

You are a genius!

“They DO smell kind of amazing together”.

I would never have picked these up at the same time..

I would have thought them to be dissonant.

One (Antonia by Puredistance), a verdant lush floral: sharp ivy leaf and galbanum over green rose, vanilla and vetiver; pretty, firm; dignified; the other, James Heeley’s Bubblegum Chic (recently rechristened Jasmine OD) an already very exciting unleashed tuberose jasmine sambac; the first gorgeously restrained, the latter unrestrainedly gorgeous – perhaps why they went so unexpectedly well together; the beauty of the initial clash, as the perfumes rose up in the air together nothing less than INSANE.


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  1. Hanamini

    My, what a feast for the eyes! Well, I have half of that equation, but not the Heeley OD; is not enough to have sent me on a Dior Dior hunt but now also this?


      Bubblegum Chic is almost like sweet banana it is so tropical jasmine – I don’t know – it might rot your teeth!

      Honestly, though, in that moment, this combo was SUBLIME – it was like I was teleported to another sphere in a microsecond and didn’t know where the hell I was

    • I think Dior Dior could make me scream within if the right person with the right pristine vintage walked in wearing it – if you can swoon inside yourself

    • unlayered!

      The point of this ‘piece’ was that you never know – that there are unthought of combinations and ways of doing things that you can’t come up with by yourself: I have been wearing a modern Guerlain Mouchoir De Monsieur with my vintage mega Shalimar, poured all over me like Nero, and they have complemented each other rather beautifully – augmenting the lack in each; the first a bit dry and flat, the second sometimes too baby poudre, but this is a very obvious combination of perfumes. Bubblegum OD and Puretonia are pure inspiration!

  2. matty1649

    Those bottles…..amazing X

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    The visitor went bananas
    You wete uplifted to Chiquita Superba
    I went and got stuck


    Still perfumating!!

  4. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    PS I want all for a Post Christmas Anti Depression Present!!

  5. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    PS I want all of them bottles! Please God or Santa
    For After Christmas Anti New Year Depression PresentSSS

  6. Robin

    Wish I were there for all of it. Sounds like the height of fun.

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