I am extraordinarily excited to be able to announce that Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, of DSH Perfumes, has created a bespoke one off fragrance for my talk – Scent: The Language Of Flowers – on March 25th at the Doris Duke Theater and the workshop on perfume appreciation on the 26th, ‘Scent Literacy’ at the Honolulu Museum Of Art, as part of the ongoing Cross Pollination exhibition.

A melliferous gardenia island breeze, with a hint of yuzu, I will have to wait until I get to Hawaii to smell it.


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  1. emmawoolf

    How very very exciting. What an absolute thrill! X

  2. matty1649

    What an honour Neil. No wonder that you are super excited.

  3. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    To be celebrated in a perfume
    The most elegant fashion of procreation
    Go thy pollen bedecked Hawaiian walk of fame dear Black Narcissus
    Loved the pictures

    • I am sure the reality of the place will contain much more drab concrete and plastic furniture than I will like, but can’t WAIT to see and smell the vegetation!

      D and I can’t quite believe that we will be doing all of this in a museum in Hawaii.

  4. Lucy

    DSH is the bomb. Looking forward to reading more about your trip to fragrance paradise.

  5. Honey drenched gardenia offset by yuzu, sounds fab!

  6. Amazing! How can you wait that long?

  7. OnWingsofSaffron

    Now that is quite something! Bravo!!
    Btw, I haven’t ever smelled, seen or tested a Dawn Spencer Hurwitz scent; I somehow just read about them. I haven’t even been able to fathom how they are actually sold: via etsy? Are they sold? That’s bordering on bizarre and byzantine.
    That photo of the moth is sublime! Imagine a tuxedo in those colours and textures: wow!

    • I would look terrible in such a creation, but I think it could be absolutely perfect. It almost ALREADY looks like a person in a tux.

      As for DSH, she is a very prolific, sensitive creator – very inventive. Her Frida Kahlo series for example, was quite something. Very colourful, vivid. A bit like the moth.

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        Actually, I think you‘d look marvelous in such a tux. However as with perfumes: you don‘t want the clothes to wear you, rather the other way round.
        Yes I am convinced DSH creations are quite something ; that‘s why I read about her perfumes all over the place, say in the lovely book by Sarah McCartney & Samantha Scriven! So much the more frustrating not to be able to part of the gang…

  8. That is so beyond exciting. I can’t imagine how you can contain yourself until then.

  9. Robin

    Very cool. This is all so insanely exciting, N. Thrilled for you!

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