If, like D, you are highly averse to neroli and anything orange blossom, you will hate Nuxe’s Neroli.

If, like me however, you find the scent of natural neroli oil refreshing and relaxing simultaneously (and you don’t mind putting an oil on your face, albeit a fast absorbing one) you will probably love it.

Sometimes, I just need something rich and rejuvenating to smooth out my dried out work week tiredness, and I was already a regular user of the original, and gorgeous, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, super effective (and apparently the most popular skin care in all of France), but sometimes its ultra-tropical, sweet florality can feel a bit much too take on board when you have just woken up on a workday morning and don’t necessarily want to smell like an exotic frangipani massage parlour .

This fresher, greener, 100 per cent natural formula (with bergamot and lavandin, giving the oil a cologne like uplift) feels more matinal and stringent.

Perfect, post shower, for this sunny Saturday morning.


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  1. Hanamini

    How funny, I was just applying some…it’s first in line on my shelf…Neutrogena Sesame oil behind it…Pecksniff’s Naughty oil beside it. Try Nuxe’s Crème Fraîche face cream. Cheap as chips and smells heavenly. As my parents lived in France I was always stocking up on Nuxe in those lovely pharmacies. Now it’s everywhere, online at least.

  2. Tora

    You know how much I love neroli and orange blossom. Your review sent me right down the must-have rabbit hole. I ordered a bottle right away. I will remember if I ever get to meet you and Duncan to Not wear my favorite Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs!

    • I know instinctively you must smell amazing in Orangers En Fleurs – and D would probably like it on you – just not on himself or me!

      I imagine the air in Colorado must be quite dry – the Nuxe will be perfect. You will be slathering it on left right and centre and then teaming it up with the best nerolis and orange blossoms in your collection and smell gorgeous.

  3. Love Nuxe. Will have to try this as when it’s sweltering here the original is a bit much.

    • Isn’t it? I sometimes use it in the morning before work (with a mask over the top – a bit suffocating) and wonder how it smells to other people. Sometimes it feels ambrosial; others a bit sweet and sickly as you know. I think this neroli makes a good alternative: it is slightly drier over all in texture I would say and really smooths out the skin nicely.

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