I think we do like Honolulu


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10 responses to “I think we do like Honolulu

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Love the cap

  2. Hanamini

    Oh very good, including the shirt. I hope you can get out to some (other) islands too.

  3. Honolulu is a bit odd. Sort of like a blend of San Diego and Orlando.

    • Yes. I have been to both of those cities – but there is something about the brutalist architecture surrounded by tropical vegetation in Honolulu that makes it special somehow. I really like the downtown area .

  4. I hope you will also go to Maui. It’s just a short flight, 20 minutes I believe. Maui is so beautiful, my favorite island! If you do go, you can go off the beaten path and drive to Hana where you can see waterfalls, pineapples growing wild and incredibly beautiful flowers everywhere.

    • Yes. That was the problem. We can’t drive, so were reliant on other people (the air con on the buses was HIDEOUSLY cold so there was no way I could travel round the island like that). What I saw just of Oahu, once our friends drove us round the coast a bit, blew my mind. Waikiki is a shithole. But the other beaches we saw were like heaven. So dreamy it was ridiculous. GORGEOUS

  5. Sarah F.

    We love having you here!

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