I think my next full bottle purchase might have to be Nobile 1942 Cafe Chantant (from 2013)

The gourmand is a genre of perfumery I have generally gone off. But smelling this rather delicious perfume at a Fujisawa ( Fujisawa !) department store last week, and then trying it again today – but only on paper …. …..I know in one’s bones that there is something about this rich, cherry benzoin vanilla ( something like a Lutens Louve meets Guerlain Shalimar via Moschino Moschino )that I can’t quite deny.

I know I need it.


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8 responses to “I think my next full bottle purchase might have to be Nobile 1942 Cafe Chantant (from 2013)

  1. Renée stout

    Hmmm, I’ve never smelled this, but your description brings to mind Tom Ford’s ‘Lost Cherry” of which I have a small sample. For whatever reason, I’m think I’m going through a phase where I’m off of gourmands and anything that features vanilla prominently, but if this wasn’t the case, I would be in love with Lost Cherry because it is very nice.

    • No – the toms are just too fake and overloaded – this is way easier !

      • Renée Stout

        Oh no, I agree with you on every Tom Ford I’ve smelled (too synthetic). I was gifted a full bottle of Tom Ford Amber way back and I never wear it because it’s just way too “extra”. But there is something about Lost Cherry that’s a little compelling, especially in a little dab. But with that said, there will never be a full bottle in my future.

      • How I am with you, having recently being partially seduced by the other cherries in the range

  2. Robin

    Not a massive sweet tooth either, but that combo of Louve et al sound deeeevine! If you say it’s fbw, I believe it.

  3. A

    I need you to have this! You had me at cherry. Have you tried the AdParma Sakura?

    Jo Malone did a sakura (maybe ten years ago).


    • Actually that was one (the Acqua Di Parma Sakura) was one I smelled at Hankyu and Ginza and was pleasantly surprised by (and forgot to review).

      This is thick on the vanilla so watch out!

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