of finding in your postbox a package full of perfume samples, when you have woken up depressed for no apparent reason and then


little boxes full of intriguing perfumes, 97% of which you have never smelled before.

For you jaded perfumists out there this is possibly commonplace. For me it is a delight, especially when it comes with a portrait of the person in question standing, as a girl, with Rudolph Nureyev.




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13 responses to “THE THRILL

  1. brie

    Hooray! They have arrived and intact! Did you get both packages? (I am already planning on what to put in no 3!!!). Wasn’t it clever the Altoids tin? After all, I did say it was candy!
    So thrilled to have lifted your spirits….and, my ballet nut, knew you would like the pix of Nureyev….not only was he the most spectacular ballet dancer but he was also an incredibly kind human being (hence, unlike Barishnikov, willing to pose with this inspiring prima ballerina despite the fact that he was exhausted and sweaty!).
    Enjoy the samples and do let me know your opinions (good or bad!).

  2. brie

    Oh and the payment I expect is a review of Nocturnes at the end of April in honor of my birthday (that gives you over two months to write it!!!!). this is all I want…really want!

    • ginzaintherain

      Would love to (as I genuinely love that scent and hate how it has been so disparaged, though I have to worn you that my muse perishes under duress…..)

      This morning: Alabaster Wrists (divine vanilla!): Reglisse – gorgeous, Soleil – what a happy smell; and Adolphe (wow……)

      • brie

        Actually the Alabaster Wrists was initially made as a blend for a good friend of mine who suffers from anxiety. It was all essential oils I researched that were to calm, balance, ground,etc. Yet it turned out to smell nice so she not only sniffs the vial but wears it as perfume! I called it by its name b/c with its heavy dose of ylang-ylang reminded me a bit of vintage White Shoulders.
        Reglisse is the one that made me fall in love with licorice notes (and there is vanilla in that one as well!!)
        And I KNEW you would love Adolpho! I have a mini of it…If you want more, let me know!
        There is such joy in sampling perfumes that we might otherwise not have given thought to trying and the surprise in finding that there is something we truly like, n’est pas?

      • ginzaintherain


  3. This is actually way more exciting than buying perfume: the hunt and thrill of finding something new.

    • ginzaintherain

      It is!

      I do have a good friend in the know who provides much of the flesh and blood for this blog in terms of new samples, but this package is a whole new angle with the stress on lovely smelling, pleasing things that I am likely to like!

  4. I love our Perfumeland!

    Hope to read many inspired stories based on those vials’ content.

    • brie

      Undina-I believe that I owe you a few samples as well… you were interested in the discontinued Victoria, right? I also have Laurie’s Cocoa Sandalwood (FB!!)

  5. Brie’s pro packing puts mine to shame! Forgive the slap-dash wackiness of my package. I had an argument with the postal employee and was forced to improvise.

    Brie rocks, doesn’t she? 🙂

  6. Veritas

    I love this…..was it really almost a year ago? Have you managed to sample all of them by now/

    • I think so, though my organizational ‘techniques’ are truly shocking so they are buried beneath many other vials…..Hopefully at some point all perfumes will receive a review.

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